Friday, July 21

Hasegawa's August releases, wings, rotors, jets, squealing tyres - and a mum's chariot in their latest.

Hasegawa's August releases are, as usual, diverse, very nice looking whilst again fairly familiar to a lot of people out there, Check them out in our preview to see what is new and what has changed in their August lot of kits...
Hasegawa’s new items for August 2017

Kyushu J7W2 Interceptor Fighter Jet Version Limited Edition
Incredibly fast at 469mph and incredibly powerfully armed with a quartet of 30mm cannon, the J7W had the potential to seriously curtail the B-29 raids on the Japanese home islands. However, only two prototypes were ever completed. It took its first flight on August 3rd, 1945, just days before its chief adversary-the B-29-dropped the ultimate checkmate weapons on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The prototypes never saw combat. One was scrapped, the other brought to the US in crates.

Subaru Legacy GT Touring Wagon Limited Edition
75 pieces
Length: 7.6 in (192 mm)
Width: 3.2 in (81 mm)
Ten soccer balls, nine shin guards, eight smelly jerseys, seven pairs of cleats, six sweaty children, FIVE LARGE SODAS, four cell phone calls, three grass stains, two miles to go, and a soccer mum in a Legacy GT. Love very well may be what makes "A Subaru a Subaru", but it's the errands run, the miles travelled, and the memories shared that makes it yours. This limited edition kit features detailed parts and full decals.

Nakajima Ki43-II & Ki44-II with Fuel Truck (2 kits) Limited Edition
By December, 1943, Japan was seriously in need of new pilots. A series of gritty conflicts with opponents across the area of operations had ground down the Japanese Army Air Service and replacements were desperately needed from schools like Akeno. Akeno, for its part, needed more fuel, tires, instructors, aircraft, and, most importantly, time. This limited edition kit combo features two aircraft plus a TX40 Fuel Truck and lots of decals from December, 1943.
Decal Options:
Ki43-II Late
JAAF Akeno Army Flying School Dec. 1943
Ki44-II Koh
JAAF Akeno Army Flying School Code: 84 December, 1943
JAAF Akeno Army Flying School Code: 45 December 1943
JAAF Akeno Army Flying School Code: 83 December 1943
JAAF Akeno Army Flying School Code: 87

EA-18G Growler VAQ-141 Shadowhawks 2017 Limited Edition
1/72nd scale
177 pieces
Length: 10 in (255 mm)
Width: 7.5 in (191 mm)
"Growlers" jam enemy electronics. VAQ-141, the Shadowhawks, have been carrying out this mission for decades, but they've only had the Growler since 2010. They were the first ever unit to use it in combat during Operations New Dawn and Enduring Freedom. Today, the unit is forward based to Atsugi, Japan. This limited edition kit features decals for VAQ-141 Shadowhawks.
Decal Option:
U.S. Navy USS Ronald Reagan VAQ-141 "Shadowhawks" CVW-5 CAG Code: NF500 Atsugi A.B. April 2017

Jaguar XJ-S H.E. Tom Walkinshaw Racing Limited Edition
155 pieces
Length: 7.8 in (199 mm)
Width: 3 in (75 mm)
Long, low, and powerful, the Jaguar XJS was a beauty of a car. The "High Efficiency" H.E. version took the concept and drove it just a little further. With a new engine, the car was not only more efficient, but also higher powered. One might reasonably ask why a V12 could ever possibly need to be more powerful, but the answer would always be 'why not'. Tom Walkinshaw and his racing team put the type through its paces and won the 1984 European Touring Car Championship. This limited edition kit features decals for the 1984 European Touring Car Championship Car No. 1.
Decal Option:
1984 European Touring Car Championship Winner Car No.1 Driver: Tom Walkinshaw

Kawasaki T-4 "Blue Impulse 2017" (2 kits) Limited Edition
1/72nd scale
67 / 67 pieces
Length: 7.1 in (181 mm)
Width: 5.4 in (138 mm)
Blue Impulse is the flight demonstration team for the JASDF. They fly the T-4 jet trainer out of Matsushima Air Base for air shows everywhere. Their aircraft is incredibly agile, suiting the close formation aerobatics that the nine aircraft team prefers. This limited edition kit combo features two T-4 aircraft with decals for JASDF 4th Air Wing, 11th Squadron Blue Impulse Team, Mastsushima Air Base, 2017.
Decal Option:
JASDF 4th AW 11th SQ. "Blue Impulse" Matsushima A.B. 2017

Sauber Mercedes C9 Limited Edition
1/24th scale
Stock Number: HSGS0306
79 pieces
Length: 7.8 in (199 mm)
Width: 3 in (75 mm)
1989 was one of the last years for the World Sports Car Prototype Championship and an exceptionally good year for Team Sauber, to boot. They carried the race with their C9, racers 61 and 62. This limited edition kit features detailed parts for the model and intricate decals for your choice of either car 61 or 62 of the 1989 World Sports Car Prototype Championship.
Decal Option:
World Sport Prototype Car Championship 1989 Car No.61 & 62

Kawanishi N1K2-J Shidenkai 301St Fighter Squadron Limited Edition
1/48th scale
105 pieces
Length: 7.7 in (195 mm)
Width: 9.8 in (250 mm)
Originally meant to carry a bulky float, the N1K found its wings when the float was dropped off the design and the aircraft could be used in a pure air superiority role. It was one of the most capable Japanese designs of the war. It helped Tomakazu Kasai chalk up ten kills despite only receiving roughly a month of flight training instead of the normal six months. This limited edition kit features decals for Tomokazu Kasai's N1K2-J.
Decal Option:
IJN 343rd Naval Flying Group 301st Fighter Squadron Petty Officer 1st Class Tomokazu Kasai Code: 343A-23 Kanoya A.B. April 1945

F-15 ACTIVE/IFCS Limited Edition
1/72nd scale
150 pieces
Length: 12.1 in (307 mm)
Width: 7 in (179 mm)
Make no mistake, the F-15 was an exceptional aircraft and still is. However, the Intelligent Flight Control System was intended to make it a superlative aircraft. This system would have taken the work load off the crew, increased the ability to control the craft during equipment failure, and optimize performance. "ACTIVE" also incorporated new nozzles and flight software that increased the flight envelope of the aircraft yet further. Kit features new canard and bulge resin parts and large size pitot tube metal parts.
Decal Option:
F-15 ACTIVE / IFCS NASA Code: 837

Sea King HAR. Mk.3 "Falklands" Limited Edition
1/48th scale
Qty for HSGS7456
195 pieces
Length: 13.9 in (353 mm)
Width: 15.4 in (393 mm)
Sea Kings enabled the British to run continuous rounds of supplies and soldiers onto the Falklands to drive off the Argentines. They also conducted essential anti-submarine operations and even acted as decoys for Exocet missiles-an incredibly risky task. Even for years after the war, HAR search and rescue variants of the helicopter kept up a presence on the island. This limited edition kit features new antenna resin parts and photo etched parts plus two sets of decals.
Decal Options:
RAF 78SQ. Code: XZ597 RAF Mount Pleasant A.B. Falkland Islands 1990
RAF 1564 Flight Code: XZ591 RAF Navy Point Falkland Islands 1983

Mitsubishi F-2B "21sq 40th Anniversary Detail Up Version" Limited Edition
1/48th scale
Qty for HSGS7457
186 pieces
Length: 12.9 in (328 mm)
Width: 9.6 in (244 mm)
During the 2011 Tohoku earthquake, eighteen F-2s operated by the 21st squadron were damaged or destroyed at their base in Matsushima. Immediately thereafter the training duties of the squadron were parcelled out to other units. After much effort and expense, however, the 21st is back! This detailed kit celebrates the unit's reactivation and the 40th anniversary of the unit. Limited edition kit features detailed photo etched parts plus a special 40th-anniversary decal.
Decal Option:
JASDF 4th AW 21SQ 40th Anniversary Special Marking Code: 118 (33-8118) Matsushima A.B. March 25, 2017

Fieseler Fi 156C Storch "Schlachtgeschwader 1" Limited Edition
1/32nd scale
165 pieces
Length: 12.1 in (308 mm)
Width: 17.4 in (442 mm)
An extremely light and agile aircraft, the Fi 156 "Storch" was renowned for its short landing and takeoff abilities. It was used throughout WWII by the Germans for observation, artillery spotting, and VIP transportation. Most famously, it was the aircraft used to extract a deposed Mussolini from his mountaintop prison. Less famously, it landed the new head of the Luftwaffe in Berlin during the middle of the Battle of Berlin-possibly the only aircraft he still had command over. Kit features new antenna and wheel hub plus three sets of decals.
Decal Options:
Fi156C-3: Luftwaffe Stab II./Sch. G1 Russia
Fi156C-3: Luftwaffe Code: 2E+RA Russia
Fi156C-2: Luftwaffe Code: NM+ZD North Africa

These kits should be out in August - check out the Hasegawa website for more info on all of their kits.