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Build Review: Clayton builds World War Toons series KV-2 from Meng Models...

We have already seen two of the "cute" style cartoon tanks from MENG, a Tiger I and a Sherman M4, but now there are two more beasts in the same series to join them. We have Clayton's World War Toons KV-2 inbox and built up to show you in today's build guide...

Build Review: World War Toons KV-2
Maker: Meng Model
Item No.#: WWT-004
Price: USD$ 6.41 from  HobbyEasy

Next up on the bench, I have the Meng, KV2, World War Toons offering.

I must confess, my knowledge of the World War Toons universe was limited. In fact, I didn’t even know it existed, and was of the impression, that Meng had just delved into the world of the ‘Egg Tank’.
After a bit of research, I see that World War Toons is a PS2, online game. According to the site, World War Toons is a cartoony first-person shooter where you never know if you’re going to turn the corner and see a rocket rushing towards you, grand pianos falling from the sky, or a massive tank staring you in the face.
At the time of this article, there were 12 different tanks available to ‘roar across the battlefield in Light, Medium, and Heavy varieties. So, from the outset, there is more to these egg tanks than just a quirky little model to build. They actually are inspired from a whole online universe.

The KV-2 production shot showing a companion we almost wish was moulded in plastic as well
The kit itself is very basic and construction is a simple snap fit. The tracks are supplied as a complete band for each side. As you would expect, the proportions of the tank are distorted and squashed in all directions, and that is why we love them right? In terms of detail, it is what it is. Simple and cartoon like.

I won’t bore you with the construction, as it is very straight forward and is comfortably completed in under an hour.
I have seen a number of these models painted and weathered as if they were a real tank. For me, the fun in painting this model would be to focus on the cartoon like nature of the subject rather than going for realism. Bright and bold colours was the direction I was wanting to take. So, I set about painting the model.

With construction complete – the model was undercoated using Alclad White Microfiller. I find the white base gives me a clean and true base to start the paintwork from.
In order to create some interest in the future layers of paint, I pre-shaded the model using a thinned mix of XF-69 NATO black. A lot of this subtle shading will get lost along the way, but for me, I really enjoy this part of the paintwork. The shading gives me a feel for the lines and contours of the model.
Using Vallejo Air Russian Green as the base colour, the lower section of the model was painted. Then mixing it with Medium Yellow and White, some highlights were created on the horizontal surfaces. If you look closely at the picture, you will see the subtle effect of the pre-shade coming through.
In order at extract a little more life from the green, small dots of oil paint are applied to the model. I used Yellow, White and a very small amount of Industrial Earth.
The oils were then dragged through the model and blended into the paintwork. As you can see it has started to give the model a faded look. I was conscious to keep a fair amount of yellow in the mix to give it a cartoonish look.
A basic line wash using thinned Shadow Brown oil paint was applied. I then set about picking out the high points of the model using a lightened mix of the Russian green mixed with white (acrylic).
The technique all added to the cartoon look I was going for.
I wanted to give the KV2 some personality, so I thought it would be interesting to give it a Russian Bear theme. I cut myself a couple of masks for the bear paws, and painted them on the front fenders. A hammer and sickle was also masked up on the rear of the model it adds some interest.
Matt Aluminium from Ammo was now applied to the rear light, and used for some light chipping around the model.
The steel wheels were then treated to a buffing using Dark Steel Pigment powder from AK Interactive. The tip of a cotton bud was used to polish the powder up. 
It was also used on the spare tracks and the machine gun barrel.
The track bands are now slipped over the wheels, and the lower half of the model is just about done. The tracks are a little loose, but once the model is static, they look ok
Focusing on the bear theme for my KV2, I cut myself a mask to be applied to the turret. Black was sprayed as the base as this would become the colour of the bear graphic.
Vallejo White (German Winter) was then applied over the mask. This is a slightly off white colour rather than a bright white.
Then, using Blutac as a basic mask, Vallejo Ferrari Red is sprayed. I wanted the white to be like a whitewash, but wanted the lines to be defined and obvious, keeping with the cartoon theme.
Then the moment of truth. The masks are removed. The model would then receive the same treatment as the underside with oils washes and picking out the raised sections using a light colour.
I wanted the handle on the top hatch to be heavily weathered. Skodabraun from Ammo was applied using a sponge.
The outside edge of the wheel was then buffed using the Dark Steel pigment. The handle was then fitted off to the model.
US Modern Vehicles from AMMO was then thinned and sprayed as a dust layer on the underside of the model.
With a few minor touch ups, my WWT KV2 was now complete.

A walk around in close up of this mighty (small) beast...
These kits are very basic and would be suitable for just about any skill level. For me, the enjoyment in the kit, is the ability to make it whatever you want. I guess if you are a fan of the WWT game, then you may be a little less likely to experiment with the paintwork, but for me, having no limitations was the enjoyment in the kit.

A walk around from ( not much) further our showing the whole tank...
These oddly shaped tanks are a really nice escape from the norm, and can really help to lighten the mood on the workbench.

Clayton Ockerby 

 Thanks to MENG for sending us this kit to make up for you all, Check out their kits on their Website

Also, see the game that inspired these model s World War Toons  - the free to play game...
See more of Clayton’s work at his website “Workbench Hobbies” or join him on his Facebook page