Saturday, September 16

Preview: AK Interactive's three new items for September

AK Interactive has brand new Aces High Magazine centred on the famous fw-190, the fourth edition of Panzer colours and a new set of paints for Soviet VVS aircraft from WWII. These have just been released, so we have some pictures and info in today's preview...

AK Interactive's news for September 2017

Aces High Issue 11 FW 190 Der Würger
In English & Spanish.
76 pages.
This will be the 11th issue of Aces High, and it is the first number of the collection dedicated entirely to a single aircraft. In this case, it is the mythical Fw-190.
An indispensable issue for all lovers of aviation. For this special issue, the Aces High team have selected some articles of the highest quality of the best modellers in which they explain a lot of techniques on this iconic plane, with a careful layout and great photos. You can not miss it!!.
In this new issue, we will see in depth the incredible Fw-190 in a lot of variants, camouflage, decals etc. An impressive tour of this mythical plane.

Soviet Aircraft Colours 1941-1945 Set
With this set, the modeller will have the 8 essential colours to cover the Soviet camouflage used during the Second World War. This set includes the colours for the variants introduced in the July 1943 instructions.
This set contains:
-AK2241 A-14 Interior Steel Grey
-AK2242 AMT-4 (A-24m) Green
-AK2243 AMT-6 (A-26m) Black
-AK2244 AMT-7 (A-28m) Light Blue
-AK2245 AMT-11 Blue-Grey
-AK2246 AMT-12 Dark Grey
-AK2247 AMT-1 Light Brown
-AK2248 A-21m Light Yellowish Brown

1945 German Colors. Camouflage Profile Guide (4th Edition)
This book analyzes original, eye-catching colour variants and camouflage patterns introduced by the German Army late 1944 as used during the last year of the war, 1945. Throughout the guides 72 pages, the modeller will find inspiration for the next project. The book contains more than 180 colour renderings showing the many camouflage patterns used on common vehicles, and oddities used by the German forces.
Included the reader will find vehicles such as the Panther, Pz. IV, Tiger I y II, Stugs, Artillery Guns, Halftracks and more. A special section of the book will help us interpret black and white photographs, and also a chapter about “What If” and “Paper Panzers”. We also include a section where we observe taking renderings to finished models.
These new products and magazine have just launched on the AK Site & you will also be able to buy them from AK Interactive's distributors worldwide or directly from their website.