Tuesday, September 19

Stalingrad Miniatures gives us chills & Fever this month with a little person, four old birds and a garbage man?

Stalingrad Miniatures has several sets of new figures available this month. Chicks at the beach, chicks on the farm, a Ski trip and the weirdest couple I have ever seen. All of these various figures in different shapes and sizes are on our preview of Stalingrad’s new items

New figures from Stalingrad for September

Russian Ski Troops
# 3058
1/35th scale
These two figures in 1/35th scale are made from resin sculpted by Alexander Zelenkov. They depict two of the more dangerous troops fielded by the Soviet Union in WWII – ski-mounted, fast-moving soldiers of the Motherland. These soldiers were used as fast, mobile patrols and as scouts in the heavy winters that covered many of the parts of the then USSR in thick snow which gave them a huge advantage over the regular soldiers.
There are plenty of pictures of these sub-machine gunners on skis that the sculptor has used for inspiration and as a guide to these sculpts. Note their weapons and the folds and creases in their all-white clothing over their regular uniforms.
Two figures in light grey resin are in this small set. One of the soldiers carried a Ppsh-41, while the other skier is armed with a Moison Nagant bolt action rifle for the longer range encounters. Together they have the short and long range covered as a small patrol.
Of interest to me wee the slightly different makeup of these guys’ skis and their slightly altered way their winter white coverings sit over their uniforms. Their faces are notably different from each other also which is something some other makers forget to do. Here they are, skilfully painted up and inserted into a snowy background – the whole scene looks pretty convincing to me.

Russian old woman and hens
# 3546 
1/35th scale
The figure’s sculptor had a great bit of inspiration for this scene – a shot of a very similar to the resin result, looking wrapped up against the cold, you can see here in this colourized pictures stepping out of her house. Uncanny resemblance don’t you think to the sculpt.
Here she is painted up, I am very impressed with the look of here – and being a bit of a chook (chicken) expert I can spot a well-represented chicken and a magnificent cock(rooster people!) a mile away – a great looking combo.
- So four old hens together then? No – one is a ROOSTER! Here we see the same sculptor’s take on a peasant farmer from what looks like Eastern or Central- Eastern Europe taking some scraps out to her chickens.

The Beach Girls, Big Set +bonus
# 3700
1/35th scale
This set of beach lovelies is for the escapist in all of us, surely there will be a set of “Beach Guys” to come in the future in the spirit of inclusion, but for now, this set of girls at the beach in bikinis will have to do.
When I looked for pictures of this set that might have inspired these sculpts I had a heap of reference to choose from for some reason. I did make a mistake and typed in “Big girls at the beach” and the search was radically different…

Anyway – this set includes previous releases of these girls from Stalingrad in a seven-figure set. (they look like “Tens” to me…)

The Beach Girl
# 3705
1/35th scale
This lass looks like she has found something interesting, she is looking close-up at a turtle which has found itself on the beach taking a look back at her. I think I can even see a turtle head pokin' out...
Here she is in more pictures painted up...

The Beach Girl
# 3706
1/35th scale
This lady is seen taking pictures of the scene – smartly, the sculptor has given her a mobile phone to take the picture with instead of a regular camera. This is smart – who uses those old cameras now-days? Not THIS young lady!

The Beach Girl
# 3707
1/35th scale
The last of these latest girls in this set is seen looking a little shy. However, the sculptor has caught her body language very well, she could be cold, or maybe a little camera shy with her buddy pasting shots of her all over social media!

Garbage Man and Midget
# 3722
1/35th scale
Lastly, we have something from FAR left of centre. This maybe post-apocalyptic or futuristic scenario. The scene depicts a “Garbage man” – a young man carrying a large bag of rubbish – which is not rubbish to him obviously. He is accompanied by a little person with a BIG gun.
These two are unusually clad in casual but tattered clothing – they are strangely both wearing sandals or “thongs” on their feet, clothing is of a warm climate nature, they look like they could be two rag-tag survivors on a tropical island after a disaster – with a gun!
Here are these two together – all painted up – they are sold as a set, but both could be used separately just as easy as together – even opposed to each other if you like – the mind truly boggles with these two!

For more info and images or to find where to buy these figure take a look at the Stalingrad Webpage