Monday, October 16

Hobbyboss’ four new kits for November 2017 in our preview

Hobbyboss have four new models ready for us in November - Two ships and two aircraft - wait - the hovercraft - is that classed as an "air" craft? Ssee what we are on about in our preview that includes markings and sprues…

Hobbyboss’ new items for
November 2017

Su-27UB Flanker C
1/48th scale
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The Su-27 Flanker is a single-seat, twin-engine Mach-2 class jet fighter originally manufactured by the Soviet Union, and designed by the Sukhoi Design Bureau. It was intended as a direct competitor for the large United States fourth-generation fighters, with a 3,530-kilometre range, heavy armament, sophisticated avionics and manoeuvrability. The Su-27 most often flies air superiority missions but is able to perform almost all combat operations. Complementing the smaller MiG-29, the Su-27's closest US counterpart is the F-15 Eagle.

There are several related developments of the Su-27 design. The Su-30 is a two-seat, dual-role fighter for all-weather, air-to-air and air-to-surface deep interdiction missions.  The Su-33 'Flanker-D' is a naval fleet defence interceptor for use on aircraft carriers. Further versions include the side-by-side two-seat Su-34 'Fullback'strike/fighter-bomber variant, and the Su-35 'Flanker-E' improved air superiority and multi-role fighter. The Shenyang J-11 is a Chinese licence-built version of the Su-27.
Model Dimensions Length: 470mm   Width: 308mm   
Total Sprues: 20 sprues, upper hull, lower hull and tires
The kit consists of over 330  parts 
Detailed cockpit
photo-etched parts included

USS Guam CB-2
1:350th scale
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USS Guam (CB-2) was an Alaska-class large cruiser which served with the United States Navy during the end of World War II. She was the second and last ship of her class to be completed. The ship was the second vessel of the US Navy to be named after the island of Guam, an American territory in the Pacific. Due to her commissioning late in the war, Guam saw relatively limited service during the war. 

She participated in operations off Okinawa in March–July 1945, including providing anti-aircraft defence for the carrier task force and conducting limited shore bombardment operations. She participated in sweeps for Japanese shipping in the East China and Yellow Seas in July–August 1945. After the end of the war, she assisted in the occupation of Korea and transported a contingent of US Army troops back to the United States. She was decommissioned in February 1947 and placed in reserve, where she remained until she was stricken in 1960 and sold for scrapping the following year.
Model Dimensions: Length: 704mm   Beam: 80.4mm
Total Sprues     17 sprues, hull, decks and stand
Metal Parts     anchor chain
Hull made from multi-directional slide moulds.
Deck wood pattern finely rendered
Contains 2 x SC-1 plane
Contains display stand and engraved name plate 
Phnameplate frets included

USS Pegasus PHM-1 82005
1:200th scale
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The Pegasus-class hydrofoils were a series of fast attack patrol boats employed by the U.S. Navy. They were in service from 1977 through 1993. These hydrofoils carried the designation "PHM" for "Patrol, Hydrofoil, Missile." The Pegasus class vessels were originally intended for NATO operations in the North Sea and Baltic Sea. Subsequently, participation by other NATO navies, including Germany and Italy ceased, and the U.S. Navy proceeded to procure six PHMs which were highly successful in conducting coastal operations, such as narcotics interdiction and coastal patrol in the Caribbean basin.

Model Dimensions: Length: 203.9mm   Beam: 71.4mm 
Total Sprues     6 sprues, lower hull, deck and superstructure    
Lower hull & superstructure made from multi-directional slide moulds.
Contains display stand and engraved nameplate 
Photo-etched parts included

US P-61A Black Widow 87261
1:72nd scale
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Since the Air Force of each country started pay their attention to night bombing, the bombing became more effective than ever.To fight against the night bombing, a series of night fighter were put into use.The American start their night fighter program on 1940.The Army used the P-70 Havoc and Beaufighter to fight with the Japanese until the first 45 P-61 Black Widow were in active service in October 1943.
The first 37 P-61 were installed with a four-gun turret on the back of the fuselage and deleted on the following aircrafts.The first unit to take the P-61A into combat was the 6th Night-Fighter Squadron in Hawaii.The Black Widow soon replace the Douglas P-70s and P-38J on 1 May 1944.

 Model Dimension     Length: 210mm   Wingspan: 279mm 
Total Sprues     10 sprues
The kit consists of over 60 parts , including 2 clear parts

These kits will all be available from Hobbyboss’ Distributors sometime late in this month.