Tuesday, October 31

Revell of Germany kits in this month's new release preview

The new items from Revell of Germany this month include a Trabant with a full carload, a German T-55, A little Bounty hunter and a pair of very different Porches - We had our pick with five of them, showing you their built-up models in this month's new releases preview…

Revell of Germany kits in this month's new release preview

F-14D Super Tomcat
1/100th scale
number of parts: 30
wingspan 195mm
length 191 mm
An easy to build model construction kit of the F-14, the backbone of US Navy's air defence for more than 30 years and one of the most modern carrier-based weapon systems.
- Movable swinging wings
- Detailed surfaces
- Display stand
- Decals for a US Navy version from Strike Fighter Squadron 2 (VFA-2) also known as the "Bounty Hunters"

Porsche 911 Turbo
Product number# 07179
1:25th Scale
length 180 mm
number of parts 86
A challenging model construction kit of the powerful 260bhp Porsche 911 Turbo which in 1974 was the world's fastest production sports car.
- Separate engine cover
- Various chrome parts including wheel rims and engine parts
- Decal set with various registration plates (D, A, NL, B, F, GB, E, I, CH)

T-55AM / T-55AM2B
Product number 03306
1:72nd Scale 
Single components 149
length 124 mm
A model construction kit of the highest numerically produced Main Battle Tank in the world.
- A choice to build the T-55AM or the T-55AM2B (NVA)
- Additional turret armour
- Rotatable turret
- injection moulded tracks with individual sections
Authentic representation of the following versions:
- T-55AM2B, 4th Motorized Rifle Division, Tank Regiment 4, National People's Army, East Germany, Gotha, 1989
- T-55AM2, 31th Hunyadi János Mechanized Infantry Brigade, Hungarian Armed Forces, Rétság, 1990
- T-55AM, 61st Marine Infantry Brigade, North Sea Fleet, Sputnik (Murmansk), 1989
- T-55AM,17th Guards Tank Division, Soviet Army, Krivoy Rog, 1988

Porsche Junior 108
Product number #07820
1/24th scale
Single components 70
length 107 mm
The name Porsche is equal to any other sports car - but this is not always so. As Porsche-Diesel Motorenbau GmbH, the car maker also produced tractors during the 1950s and early 1960s. One of the most famous models from this period is the Porsche Junior 108 which was powered by a 1 cylinder indirect injection chamber diesel engine developing 14 hp. Today these models are particularly popular with tractor fans.

Trabant 601S 60 Years of Trabant Gift Set
length 149 mm
number of parts 138
1:24th scale
The set honours the type series of the Trabant produced from 1957 on whose 3rd generation first left the production line in 1964 as the Trabant 601. There were over 2.8 million 601's produced that was powered by a two-stroke engine.
- Typical trapezoidal body
- Movable bonnet
- Detailed engine
- Instructions and decal set for two versions
-Set includes paint and glue for your Trabant
These new varied and pretty promising items will be available from Revell’s Distributors worldwide this month.