Friday, November 24

Preview: A combo of Loyd Carrier, Six Pounder & figure from Bronco in 35th in December

With a gun added from Riich Models and a figure added as a bonus Bronco Models give us a combination of a British Loyd Carrier With 6 Pounder Anti-Tank Gun kit that looks just as detailed and intricate as their previous best. See what we know about the kit and a little about the carrier in our preview of Bronco's up-coming combo...

A Loyd Carrier & Six Pounder from Bronco in 35th

British Loyd Carrier With 6 Pounder Anti-Tank Gun
From: Bronco Models
1/35th scale
Item no# CB35189
The Loyd Carrier was designed by Vivian Loyd and was based on a 15cwt Fordson 7V military truck with Vickers designed suspension and track. It was an unarmored and unarmed carrier that was intended primarily as an artillery tractor. It was tested in 1939 and put into production soon after, though it was not seen in large numbers until 1943. Powered by an 85 bhp Ford engine it had a top speed of 48 km/h and range of 220 kilometres. The 6 Pdr A/tk Gun tractor was fitted with 7mm applique armour bolted to the front and hull sides. It could carry five men as well as ammunition and tools.
Loyd Carrier was preferred as a tractor over the Universal Carrier because of its larger size and ability to carry more ammunition, the weight un-armoured was 4.5 tons. Over 26,000 were built in WWII with two versions, the Mk.I with Bendix brakes and the MkII with Girling. It was also used as APC cable layer and slave, with extra batteries to start tank engines. Used by British, Polish, Dutch and Czech armies in WWII, replaced by Windsor and Oxford Carriers
Loyd Carrier variants
-Tracked Personnel Carrier (TPC) - a transporter for the transport of people and cargo. No special equipment. Over 1500 vehicles have been manufactured.
-Carrier Tracked Towing (CTT) - an artillery tractor for towing anti-tank guns of 40 mm (2 pdr) and later of 57 mm (6 pdr) and handling. Equipped with a special towing hitch. There was also a variant adapted for the transport of the 101.6 mm mortar, as well as variants for section commanders. It was the most numerous variant - over 15,000 cars were built.
-Carrier Tracked Cable Mechanical Layer (CTCLM) - mechanical cable telephone stacker. Approximately 300 vehicles were built.
-Tracked Carrier Starting and Charging (CTSC) - car support for armoured units. Approximately 2,000 vehicles were built.

In addition, the Loyd conveyors were available in different variants, depending on the engine used, brakes, etc.
No 1 - with the Ford UK-79E-6004 85 hp engine.
No 2 - with the Ford EGAE or EGAEA.
Mk I - with Bendix brakes.
Mk II - with Girling brakes.

Technical data
 1 engine , 8-cylinder Ford UK-79E-6004 (version 1)
1 engine , 8-cylinder Ford EGAE 8-cylinder engine ,
85 hp (Ford UK-79E-6004)
65 hp (Ford EGAE)
The 3D renders of the carrier and gun...
Four different incarnations are offered with canvas, ribbing and exposed variants...
Let's look a little at Bronco's product brochure about this kit and see some of the quite interesting features this model offers.

The Kit from Bronco
This gun is a smart adaptation to the very well detailed British Loyd Carrier With 6 Pounder Anti-Tank Gun, both are made with a lot of detail as you can see in the pictures of the feature set below.
First, the Loyd Carrier details...
Features of the 6 pounder gun...
Here it is with the gun and the figure making up the whole package...
This kit from Bronco Models should be available from their distributors worldwide in December