Tuesday, November 14

Preview: Two of Kitty hawk's 35th scale built up MH-6J/AH-6J “Little Birds,” full of cargo and ready to deliver in December

We have some built up pictures of Kittyhawk's new long-awaited 35th scale updated version of the MH-6J / AH-6J known as the “Little Bird” is slated for a forthcoming release. With the help of expert Floyd Werner from “Werner’s Wings” to help this will hopefully be a great update on the old “Loach” kit you might have built as a kid. We have two builds of the kit - both full of storage - human and chicken - ready to take off in our preview...
Preview: MH-6J/AH-6J “Little Bird”
Kityhawk models
1/35th scale
Expected release this month - Late November/ December 2017
Here are some of the latest images of the built-up shots of the 35th scale MH-6/AH-6 Little Bird about to be pressed into plastic. There are so many incarnations and schemes for this bird that we are really looking forward to seeing what Kittyhawk have to offer.

The first kit is already painted and full with some very nice stowage - this is what we call bringing relief to the troops!
The second version is rather interesting for a different reason - We have long thought that this kit would look great with a special ops team hanging from it ready for deployment - seems like someone has stepped into the breach now with their own Spec Ops team ready to fight on the boards...
We always say the best review is to see the models built - well Kittyhawk's "Little Bird" looks pretty nice to us, The Special Ops troops look quite interesting also - a little customization should see them dropping on to modelling comp tables in no time. 

We will bring you builds of ours when we get the chance - Until then, check out all of Kittyhawk's other kits on their website.