Thursday, November 9

Stalingrad Miniatures new figures in three scales, Mobile and Grossdeutschland germans and a portrait Princess in our preview...

Stalingrad Miniatures has sent us pictures of four new sets of figures in three different scales. These include a set of motorcycle troops and Germans in a staff car in 35th. We also see the second of the 1/16th scale figures and even a 75mm figure in a new series. They look great as you can see in our preview...

New figures from Stalingrad for November

On the Road (German staff car crew), 1941
# 3562
1/35th scale
3 figure set
 This set of three figures of German rear echelon staff members looks set for a grand tour. Stalingrad has given us a driver, a cameraman with his period camera with what looks like an officer with glasses on his face. The set includes two suitcases with a jacket tunic on top of it a water flask and a spare Kar 98 rifle.
A filter on these figures gives us a rendition of the figures in a staff car. This is a real photo with a filter on it that shows you the way the soldiers fit into maybe a Mercedes or an admiral cabriolet. They can be used with a variety of vehicles we would think.

 German Motorcycle Troops, 1941
# 3563
1/35th scale
2 Figure Set
 The package - two figures in light grey resin, three saddlebags for the bike, a wrap of various stowage to sit on the rear of the trike on the tyre. These soldiers are seen here in the thick coats and outfits of motorcycle couriers/ dispatch men of the German forces of WWII
Here they are with stowage in this rather artful rendition showing them on a Zundapp bike - you could use any three wheeled German motorcycle combo.

German Infantryman, Grossdeutschland Division 1943
1/16th scale
# 602
1 figure in light grey resin
 The second of Stalingrad's 1/16th figure series, this soldier is cast in light grey resin, and he represents one of the soldiers of the German Grossdeutschland Division. The Panzer Grenadier Division Großdeutschland was an elite combat unit of the German Army that fought on the Eastern Front in World War II. Großdeutschland was one of the best-equipped units of the German Army.

The figure was influenced in a big part by the soldier in this picture...
 This shot was taken from this series of pictures featuring men of Grossdeutschland Division putting on a demonstration of street fighting for Gal Balck near the training camp at Akhtyrka, 1943. 
Some other figures that influenced this sculpt are also provided on the Stalingrad website
Here is the infantryman here all painted up, Mp-40 in his hands and helmet decorated with twigs and leaves from a small tree.  A pretty standard early to-mid-war German uniform with spare machine pistol magazines in pouches on his hip.
 A bread bag, gas mask and knife/ bayonet in its sheath are on the soldier's rear hip as he looks off to the right, the folds and creases in this figure match everything we have seen from this sculptor in 35th scale.

Madame de...
75 mm (roughly 1/24th scale)
# 001 
In the first of the 75mm sculpts (roughly 1/24th scale) figure from Stalingrad, we see something rather artistic. Theis sculpt has taken its influence from the portrait of Princess Olga Konstantinovna Orlova, from 1911. Oil on Canvas. 160 cm x 237 cm. Russian Museum, St. Petersburg.

Princess Olga Konstantinovna Orlova was the middle daughter (there were also two brothers) of Prince Konstantin Esperovitch Belosselsky-Belozersky (1843-1920). Her mother was one of the three beautiful sisters (another was the ravishingly beautiful Countess Zina Beauharnais) of the famous General Mikhail Skobelev. Olga seems to have inherited the Skobelev blue eyes, willowy & graceful she married Prince Vladimir Orlov.
Princess Olga is shown as the centrepiece of the old regime. In this painting, she maintains a poised aloofness, perfectly conscious of her position in society. The extravagant finery is worn with a panache: she clasps the pearl necklace and throws a leg out as though to balance the oversized hat. She is perched on a chair or stool in conspicuous elegance, with the old master painting, the porcelain vase on its gilt table and salon walls serving to comment on her wealth and taste.
 Here is Alexander's version - painted up in the construction, she is titled "Madame de..." and you can see that he has studied this portrait very well in the fine recreation of this, not the princess int he picture - but a younger woman with all of the elegance and poise of the picturee in the first of a new set of figures...
For more info and images or to find where to buy these figures take a look at the Stalingrad Webpage