Friday, December 22

Amusing hobby's two new "Stupid Super Heavies" that will please many "World of Tanks" lovers...

...& many heavy tank lovers in general, the British (very important) "Super" Conqueror, & the experimental wooden mockup that might turn up in the game any time, the Japanese Type 5 gun tank Ho-Ri I. Now we will soon have these in plastic, lets see the little we know about them...

Two new (not so stupid) Super Heavies from Amusing Hobby

Two new variants of heavy tanks of the end of WWII are on the ledger as new arrivals from Amusing Hobby. The Japanese Type 5 Gun Tank Ho-Ri I & the British Super Conqueror - both in 35th scale. Lets see what can be gleaned from the boxart and a little of the background of both of these behemoths.

The Experimental Type 5 gun tank Ho-Ri I
Kit No 35A022
1/35th scale
A massive tank, never made but due to be popular with "what-If?" modellers because of it's rarity. This new tooled kit from Amusing Hobby gets into the territory of Japanese tanks in a "big" way...
In history?
The Ho-Ri I was a more powerful tank destroyer (gun tank) using a 105 mm cannon in place of the 75 mm gun design and an additional 37 mm gun in the front armored plate. The armor was to be 30 mm thick and it was to have a crew of six. It used the Type 5 Chi-Ri tank chassis. The superstructure for the main gun was placed at the rear, the engine was positioned in the center area of the chassis and the driver's station was in the front hull section; all similar in design to the German Ferdinand/Elefant heavy tank destroyer.

According to several sources, no prototypes were known to have been completed. Here is the experimental Type 5 gun tank Ho-Ri I mock-up scale model
Another source states that by March 1945, a total of 5 Ho-Ri gun tanks were produced; further production was halted due to American bombing raids. The vehicles were reported to have eventually been destroyed or disposed of in deep lakes shortly before Japan's surrender to US forces in order to prevent their capture.

"Super Conquerer" F214 Conqueror Mk I W Spaced Armour. (Limited Ed)
Kit No 35A013
1/35th scale
1 resin Figure included
We have already seen this tank kitted by Amusign Hobby in kit no 35A006 - but this one includes the front turret spaced armour and the inclusion of a resiin figure to the mix.

In history?
The “Super Conqueror” that we see in World of Tanks is based off of a static target and a separate blueprint turret design. The name “Super Conqueror” refers to a particular Conqueror with additional protection used as a target, however the name isn’t real and likely never had one since it was a static target to be used to test various weaponry and was also never considered as a real combat vehicle. The closest thing to a name for this particular Conqueror is “Conqueror Tanks with Additional Ballistic Protection”. World of Tanks has recently made this vehicle better known, but the tank iteslf in this form is a fabrication and mix of two things: 1 The hull comes from an up-armored, static Conqueror that was used as a target and never intended for combat and 2:the turret is a real proposal that would have improved armor protection. 
In early 1957, the up-armored, static Conqueror was apart of a 2nd iteration of a series where anti-tank warheads were trialed, particularly the capped American T42 “Dart” HEAT warhead and a single uncapped experimental “Malkara” HEAT warhead, against armored tanks. This particular Conqueror was rebuilt from prototype components. It was up-armored by welding five strips of 20mm applique armor across the Conqueror’s 130mm upper front glacis plate, bringing the thickness up to 150mm. In addition, it received 14mm Burster plates that served as spaced armor. 

This up-armored Conqueror was stowed with a mix of APDS, HESH, and empty cartridge casings for the trials. The crew positions in the tanks were filled with test dummies and live rabbits to simulate the effects of the warheads on a human. Poor rabbits!

The up-armored Conqueror after being fired upon.
In the end, the so-called “Super Conqueror” ended up being destroyed and forgotten with time until recently.

Both of these kits will arrive early next year in Amusing Hobby distributors shows worldwide.
PS -  For too say...These tanks are neither Stupid of Super Heavies - We are just fans of Claus Kellerman's videos on YouTube - if you like W.O.T you should see his work he's right up our alley...