Wednesday, December 27

Hobbyboss' 2018 Catalogue - nothing here... OHH - Can you say a pair of B-24 Liberators in 1/32nd scale?

It is that time of year again when companies start spamming us with catalogues of next years products - and some we may even see in the flesh! Hobbyboss are pretty good at keeping up their promises, so check out this latest catalogue, showing their current models and some coming in our crystal ball look into the future preview of 2018/19...
Hobbyboss' new catalogue for the year 2018/19
For the beginners and modellers who like something simpler, there are some "NEW" aircraft in 1/72nd scale.
Now we get to see the popular 48th scale with new aircraft, with a bunch of new Corsairs & Flankers. 

In 1/32nd I can see something pretty interesting - a pair of B-24 Liberators in this larger scale! wow!!
Not much new in 700th scale, along with some older ships in 350th ...
Just two new track releases in 35th scale...
A few railway kits in 72nd,and there are some small-scale Israeli, & amphibious craft
There are a bunch of new 1/35th scale military kits, A lot of doing what everyone else is doing - but the best kit wins doesn't it?
You will see more on these newer releases from Hobbyboss Website, and some of the older releases right here on TMN if you use the search function - but stay tuned next year as we show you the sprues, markings and info on each of the newer kits as they are released.