Wednesday, January 3

IBG Models offer four new 1/72nd scale tanks to start 2018

IBG Models has four new releases in 1/72nd scale that will suit Japanese tank lovers, these four should all be released in January or early February depending on our luck - see what's coming in our preview...

IBG Models 1/72 Brand New Tanks  for 2018

4 brand new kits to be released in 2018! First - Type 3 Chi-Nu will come out in the end of February.

We have the four boxarts and pictures of built prototype (please mind the lack of PE parts, which will be included in final product) and pictures of the built up of the Chi-Nu tank in this preview - we have of course included links so you can look these up on the IBG website for more into.

Type 1 Chi-He - Japanese Medium Tank
1/72nd scale

Type 2 Ho-I - Japanese Infantry Support Tank
1/72nd scale

Type 3 Chi-Nu - Japanese Medium Tank
1/72nd scale
Some pictures of the Type 3 "Chi-Nu" that we were able to show you - great detail for a 72nd kit.

Type 3 Chi-Nu Kai - Japanese Medium Tank
1/72nd scale
These new kits from IBG Models will be available very soon from their Distributors Worldwide