Thursday, January 18

Masterbox show their cards for 2018 with exciting new kits..

Masterbox has their newest items for preview in their 2018 new items brochure - a new direction is seen, with some larger scale kits coming in to add to their various 35th scale kits. See the new kits in our 2018 preview...

Masterbox new items of 2018 Brochure.

Instead of releasing a catalogue showing all of their items in one, Masterbox from Ukraine has released a brochure showing their current kits or just released model figure sets with the latest sets that will come to us in 2018.
The lates models from Masterbox are divided into several themes if you like - we will show you them in turn in these series, note that some of them do not even have titles as of yet - so we will show you kit numbers and each scale.

First up, the "Indian Wars" set of  1/35th scale kits some of these we previewed late last year.

Then the "Modern Wars" sets - again 1/35th sale kits with two recently previewed here on TMN
The world of Fantasy is next - with some kits we looked at late last year and some new figure sets to come in 1/24th scale
The "Car Series" is a set of 1/24th scale figure sets that can be posed with the popular 24th scale cars of your collection - these sets feature some lovely ladies and at least one good lookin' bloke!
Not to be outdone the "Trucks Series" features a bunch of new  1/24th scale figures - these are of drivers, passengers (one sleeping) and a pair of lovely hitchhikers in an all-new set.
The "European Wars in the Middle 17th Century" series features more of the fantasy side of warriors from the past in 1/24th scale
 A single new kit int he "Indian Wars" series in the same larger 24th scale to add to this scale's collection.
"Ancient Greek Myths" covers some of the myths of the ancient world - some with a new twist on them that creates a new layer of interest and look to fit into the fantasy series. We have already reviewed some of these here on TMN
Masterbox has begun to work in a completely new direction. With a development of a new series of kits in 1/24th scale dedicated to the subject of space and science fiction, creating their own stories that are connected in a new universe. The choice of this direction is due to the fact that space science fiction is very popular both in cinema and in computer games. At the same time, Masterbox wanted to create something unique from the characters of specific serials, movies or games universes that were already established. They want to make their own figures rather picking on something just say, from "Star Wars" or “Star Trek”, they want to create a new world for modeller’s minds to explore. Something fresh for fresh minds to make their own with no pre-conceptions or constrictions of genre restraints or one that is set in a specific style. We looked at these just this month
All of these kits are just now available, or they will be available in this new year at the distributors of Masterbox worldwide.