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Read n' Reviewed: Nuts & Bolts vol 39: Sd.Kfz. 6, 5 ton Zugkraftwagen, Bussing-NAG and variants from Nuts & Bolts

We got Paul to check out Nuts & Bolts latest "all-in-one" book featuring the Sd.Kfz. 6, 5-ton Zugkraftwagen, Bussing-NAG & Variants. This handy half-track was used in almost all theatres of WWII and so there is a lot to cover in this book - see what pul thought of the history, the design, the features, photos, colours and the models that have been made of this vehicle & variants in his "Read n' Reviewed" article today.
Read n' Reviewed: Nuts & Bolts vol 39: Sd.Kfz. 6, 5 ton Zugkraftwagen, Bussing-NAG and variants
From Nuts & Bolts
Authors: Dr Nicolaus Hettler
ISBN: 978-91-982325-6-1
Softcover 225 Pages Softcover A4 Portrait
In Dual English and German texts
Available from
The Nuts & Bolts series is a very informative series on the various vehicles in German service during WW2 and is now into its 39th volume, and this tome covers the Sd.Kfz 6, 5-ton halftrack. For those familiar with the series, the book comes in its regular softcover format with both English and German text with accompanying photos and illustrations.
The inside cover has a small section on the draftsman John Rue and his sudden and unfortunate passing during the production of this volume. However, the Nuts & Bolts team also welcomes Lieven DeConinck to the team, who was able to complete and add some missing drawings to complete the volume.
The first section covers the Historical/ Technical Development and Production of the Sd.Kfz6, including the various types of grills seen on the vehicle, different wheels, as well as the different purposes the vehicle was used for including the anti-aircraft, and anti-tank variants, as well as the missile control vehicle for the V2 missile.
The book then goes into the organisation and structure of units using the vehicle including some nice charts, and interestingly enough for us modellers, a small section comparing the Trumpeter and Bronco versions of the Sd.Kfz.6 Halftrack.
Unit breakdowns of where you might expect these vehicles to appear are interesting...

...As are the technical drwaings and photographs of this vehicle and variants.
The next section is a very handy section for us modellers of Contemporary Photos of the halftrack and has a wide variety of photos of the half track in its various uses as a training vehicle, bridge layer, towing artillery, anti-aircraft variants all in various theatres of the war.
Like an obscure 90's rap artist we go from the "vanilla to the extreme" variants that is - some of these never saw the light of day and some prototypes - all are included here, and the scope of inclusion is pretty impressive.

Moving along, we have a series of line drawings of the different variants of the Sd.Kfz.6 halftrack by the aforementioned John Rue and Lieven DeConinck, including this strange looking one with an open turret mounting a 75mm gun.
The line drawings are then followed by a series of colour profiles, once again featuring a variety of the different versions, each accompanied by the original photo of the vehicle. There is also a section on the unit and tactical symbols often seen on these vehicles.

Recovered versions are a neat inclusion to see the old colours and how things have aged naturally.
The book then goes into a walkaround of various preserved vehicles on display and as usual, has some excellent colour pictures of the various details of the vehicle. There is also a section of photos on the recovery of an original vehicle in Poland and its subsequent restoration showing the amount of work that goes into the process of restoring an original vehicle.
We are then treated to three of Tony Greenland’s models, the Sd.Kfz.6/3 Diana, an Sd.Kfz.6/1 Artillery version, and then the Sd.Kfz.6/2 with 37mm Flak 36. Vinnie Brannigan’s Sd.Kfz.6 is also shown and are all fine models.

Overall another fine volume in this excellent series on the different German vehicles used during WW2, with good information on the vehicle, and good sources of inspiration for the modeller with excellent pictures of the vehicle. Definitely highly recommended reading for people with an interest in the vehicle.

Paul Lee

Thanks to Nuts & Bolts for sending this book to read and review.