Wednesday, May 23

AK Interactives new magazines, paint sets n' pencils are all new in our preview...

AK Interactive is set for June with several new items people will find useful or interesting. see what the publications and products are made of in our preview...

New products for June from AK Interactive

English, Spanish, French, 88 pages.
With this new magazine, AK Interactive enters the world of Wargames in a different way than other magazines from this genre have done so far. Specially designed for players, with step by step and easy for players to enjoy the effects of the content but focus on how important the game really is.
Scenarios, settings, accessories, vehicles, figures ... Through their numbers, we will see how to approach the painting of any element related to Wargames. Also, we will have many more interesting sections awaiting us.
We can see sections of paint, aging, useful tricks, news, information of future gaming contests. Reviews of games to be updated from all around of the world of Wargames and for enjoying and improving the level of finishing of the miniatures and scenarios.
You can’t pass on the opportunity to buy this new magazine that will set the trend in your gaming genre quickly.

English, Spanish. 
76 pages.
Covering a multitude of branches of modelling from historical to sci-fi, covering cars, machinery and or scenes, Damaged covers both assembly aspects and techniques of more realistic and innovative painting styles used by many of the best modellers today.
The Damaged magazine is a great magazine to inspire modellers and show them new possibilities in the hobby. With original articles, this magazine explains with detailed articles “step by step” how to execute each technique. If you like modelling you will like Damaged. In this edition, we can see a Star Wars ship, and a cartoon of a crime scene
There is only room in this magazine for the most original pieces where our editor will select modellers from all over the world to bring to the pages the most outstanding and inspiring works for the most demanding modellers.

#AK 246
208 pages
29,90 €
Some modellers are increasingly interested in exploring new fields, and allowing themselves some artistic license, why not? This type of vehicle is becoming increasingly important among the many brands for launching news and information on new releases. 
There has been a boom in this type of modelling, and every time there is a new release it awakens more curiosity among modellers around the world.
This book will load the modeller’s mind with original ideas to address alternative projects. We will see where the concept of Panzer Papers comes from and its differences with the what if models, besides inspiring us with profiles of all kinds. It will feature many of the best modellers in the world using the present techniques and will show us how to make some of these vehicles and will leave nothing different behind.

The vehicles in process of assembly in workshops present an unusual and characteristic finish. The reddish hue of the German primer colour is very striking and needs special weathering to make the most of it. With this set, the modeller will find the typical reddish colour Rotbraun and a wash to highlight the vehicle’s shapes which are painted with this colour. 

Also, the effect to simulate with this colour the dust that is accumulated in workshops and factories and even the oxide tones of the plates that were not painted. It includes a special non-greasy graphite detailing pencil for the bare metal of the worn edges of the vehicles.
This set includes all the basics to achieve a realistic effect of this type of painting. Resulting in an original vehicle, different and with very striking contrasts.

AK 015 Dust Effects
AK 093 Wash for Interior
AK 717 Rotbraun
AK 4112 Medium Rust Deposits
AK 4177 Graphite Detailing Pencil
AK 4178 White Chalk Lead

Special non-greasy graphite pencil for simulating the polished metal on the worn edges of models.

Special grease chalky white lead paint pencil to simulate the markings made with the real chalk used in the factories for the identification of the different parts of the manufactured vehicle.

After the Six Day War, the Israeli Air Force introduced a new camouflage scheme consisting of an upper surface pattern of FS 30219 Dark Tan, FS 33531 Sand, and FS 34227 Green, with the undersides in FS 35622 Light Blue. This desert scheme remained a standard for most of the IAF tactical aircraft and helicopters until the early 1980s, although many tactical aircraft introduced in the 1970s, such as the F-4E, carried this scheme until the end of their service. An exception was the A-4H/N, where the manufacturer used a different green tone for the camouflage pattern, ie. FS 34258 Green.
The air superiority grey scheme consisted of FS 36320 Dark Ghost Grey and FS 36375 Light Ghost Grey and was introduced with the entry of the F-15 at the end of 1976, for all aircraft assigned to high altitude missions, including the Kfir C2, E-2C and RF-4E. With the delivery of the F-16 in 1980, the standard desert scheme for combat aircraft was modified by replacing the FS 34227 Green with WW2 RAF Sky (FS 34424), and FS 35622 Light Blue with FS 36375 Light Ghost Grey, respectively. The new scheme was later applied to the Kfir C7 and late C2 variants, and the F-15I

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