Wednesday, May 9

Hobbyboss' new Wurger A8, Panther A & Heavy Heavy Equipment Transport System are in our preview...

Hobbyboss has three large kits for us this month, Large in size & scale - A 35th sale Panther A with Zimmerit - not big enough? How about an 18th scale Fw 190 A8? Nope - Well then have the 35th scale M911 heavy duty tractor and M747 semi-trailer & tell me your bench isn't full! All three are in our preview...

New products for May from Hobbyboss

German Fw 190A-8 fighter
Model #81803
1/18th scale
The Fw 190A-8 entered production in February 1944, powered either by the standard BMW 801 D-2 or the 801Q (also known as 801TU). The 801Q/TU, with the "T" signifying a Triebwerksanlage unitized powerplant installation, was a standard 801D with improved, thicker armour on the BMW-designed front annular cowling, which still incorporated the BMW-designed oil cooler, upgraded from 6 mm (.24 in) on earlier models to 10 mm (.39 in). Changes introduced in the Fw 190 A-8 also included the C3-injection Erhöhte Notleistung emergency boost system to the fighter variant of the Fw 190 A (a similar system with less power had been fitted to some earlier Jabo variants of the 190 A), raising power to 1,980 PS (1,953 hp, 1,456 kW) for a short time.
Total number of parts: 110+
Total number of 14 sprues , wing and tires
Full length: approx 49.1cm.
Full width: approx 58.4cm.
-Left and right fuselage moulded w/ accurate details 
-Finely detailed Interiors & cockpit 
- Newly tooled wings exactly represent real ones 
- Posable flaps 
- Undercarriage Optional open or closed

German Panther Ausf.A (w/ Zimmerit)
Model #84506
1:35th scale
Full length: approx 25.4cm.
Full width: approx 9.8cm.
The Ausf A was the second series of the Panther production. The basic design remained the same as the Ausf D, the difference being a series of modifications to improve performance.

The important changes on the Panther Ausf A were the introduction of the new cupola for the commander and strengthened running gear. The number of wheel-rim bolts was doubled to prevent failures. Several modifications were made to the drive-train to improve reliability. Engine exhaust cooling was modified. The hull design remained unchanged, but a new ball-mount was designed to replace the letter-box flap MG port. These ball-mounts were fitted to a proportion of Ausf A from August 1943, and were fitted to all Ausf A from late 1943.
The turret had many modifications. In addition to the new cupola, an episcope for the loader was provided on the right side of turret roof. The small ammunition-loading hatch in the left side was eliminated, and during the production run, the turret side pistol ports were eliminated in favour of the roof-mounted Nahverteidigungswaffe (close-defence weapon). The TZF12 binocular telescope was gradually replaced by the monocular TZF12a during the Ausf A production.
When the Panther Ausf A was first introduced, it saw service in Russia and Italy. Most of the Panther detachments deployed to meet the Allied invasion of France in mid 1944 were equipped with Panther Ausf A, and many of them were still in service at the end of the war
Model Length: 254mm Width: 98mm  
Total number of sprues: 31 sprues , lower hull , upper hull and turret
- The kit consists of over 980 parts 
- Two-directional slide moulded lower hull & upper hull 
- 190 individual tracks links 
- photo-etched parts included

M911 heavy duty tractor and M747 heavy duty semi-trailer
Model #85519
1:35th scale
The Heavy Equipment Transport System (HETS) is a behemoth among the U.S. military equipment. In 1977, to meet the need of the U.S. military, Oshkosh released the M911 heavy tractor. It can haul the M747 semi-trailer for road transportation of heavy equipment, with a maximum payload of 68.95t. Before the M1070 tractor was put into service in 1993, the M911 was one of the most important HETS in the U.S. military service.
Model Length: 626.3mm Width: 96mm   
Total number of parts 700+
Total number of sprues: 12 sprues and tires
- Detailed multi-directional slide-moulded cab 
- Full drive train assembly complete with engine transmission, differential housing and suspension units. 
- The main tires are hollow rubber with a very good tread pattern 
- Wheel hubs are in great detail

All three of these kits should now be in your local hobby shop. Check out more information on Hobbyboss' kits on their website