Tuesday, May 1

Revell of Germany kits built up on display in our May new release preview...

The new items from Revell of Germany this month include some very nice little Corsair and the same scale flying saucer, A very large floating airport and some vehicles of three different tastes - Today we show you the box-art, features & built-up models in this month's new releases preview

Revell of Germany kits in this month's new release preview

35 Years Volkswagen Golf GTI Pirelli
Product number #05694
length 155 mm
number of parts 118
1:24th scale
A model construction kit of the very successful special edition VW Golf 1 GTI's which was available from May 1983 onwards. In addition to the kit including building instructions and decal are basic colours, adhesive and brush included.
- Bodywork with wheel arch extensions
- Opening bonnet
- Multi-part engine
- Typical wheel rims
- Decal set containing a selection of registration plates (D, GB, F, NL, B, A, CH, I, S, DK)

Flying Saucer Haunebu II
Scale 1:72nd
Product number #03903
length/ width 200 mm (well, it is a saucer shape)
number of parts 69
(All this bellow is spurious...)
Work began on this spherical aircraft in 1934. Its propulsion and the neutralisation of centrifugal forces inside the aircraft was achieved employing Vril energy fields. Airworthy prototypes of the Haunebu II with speeds of up to 6000 km/h first flew in mid-1943 but did not finish the flight test phase due to the effects of war.
- First space flight capable object in the world
- Interior with instrument panels and seats
- Decal set for a faithfully reproduced livery

C-54D Skymaster 70th Anniversary Berlin Airlift
Product number# 03910
1:72nd Scale
length 401mm
wingspan 497mm
number of parts 352
The Soviet Military Administration began the blockade of West Berlin in June 1948. Transport flights to resupply the approximately 2.2 million citizens began shortly thereafter. Douglas C-54's were mostly used and christened Raisin bomber by the grateful population. Around 2.1 million tonnes of supplies had been flown in by the end of the blockade in 1949.
- Finely structured surfaces
- Detailed under-carriage
- Rotating propeller
Authentic representation of the following versions:
- Douglas C-54D Skymaster, Air Transport Command, Airlift Berlin, 1948
- Douglas C-54D Skymaster, USAF, Airlift Berlin, 1948
- Douglas C-54D Skymaster, US Navy, Airlift Berlin, 1948

MiG-21 SMT
Product number 03915
1:48th Scale
Single components 320
length 328 mm
wingspan 149 mm
number of parts 320
Modification of the Mig-21 to the SMT variant began in 1970. A characteristic of this version was the visible increase in the size of the dorsal channel in order to increase the fuel capacity to 3250 litres.
- Fine surface detail
- Numerous external loads
- Decal set for two faithfully reproduced liveries

'97 Ford F-150 XLT
Product number 07045
1:25th Scale
length 229 mm
number of parts 116
A model construction kit of the Ford pick-up which has sold in millions. The tenth generation was introduced in 1997 and differs visually from its predecessors by its rounded front end.
- Multi-part V8 engine
- Rotatable wheels
- Decal set with a variety of registration plates (USA, D, A, NL, B, F, GB, I, CH)

Vought F4U-1B Corsair Royal Navy
Product number #03917
1:72nd Scale
length 148 mm
wingspan 169 mm
Single components 61
An easy model construction kit of this fighter aircraft with its characteristic folding wings which was deployed on British aircraft carriers from 1943 onwards.
- Twin radial engine
- Rotatable propeller
- Decal set for the Royal Navy

Product number #05156
1: 542nd Scale
Single components 203
length 587 mm
A model construction kit of the US Navy's first Super Carrier. From the Suez Crisis to the Gulf War this ship that carries the class name, was involved in deployments in almost all US military conflicts over nearly 40 years of its history.
- One piece hull
- Detailed flight deck
- Moveable lift platforms
- Sea Sparrow launch systems
- Phalanx defence systems
- Aircraft complement: 4 x F-14 Tomcat, 4 x F/A-18 Hornet, 2 x A-6 Intruder, 2 x S-3 Viking, 2 x Seaking Helicopter, EA-6 Prowler
- Authentic decal set

Shelby Series I
Product number #07039
1:25th Scale 
length 177 mm
Single components 116
A challenging model construction kit of this 320 bhp two-seater produced by Shelby American. It combines outstanding technology and outstanding design characteristics in a typically brilliant Shelby manner.
- Multi-part 4.0-litre V8 engine
- Chrome wheel rims
- Authentic decal set
These new varied and pretty promising items will be available from Revell’s Distributors worldwide this month.