Thursday, June 21

Bronco knock the "Dust" off an old favourite - A new 35th scale US M19A1 40mm Gun Motor Carriage “DUSTER” (KOREAN WAR)

Bronco has gone for something already seen in the 35th scale world. A new version of the 1/35th scale US M19A1 40mm Gun Motor Carriage “DUSTER” from the period of the Korean War (no not the forthcoming one) We have a feature set of what to expect and a little history of the vehicle in our preview...

A new kit in June from Bronco Models:

US M19A1 40mm Gun Motor Carriage “DUSTER” (KOREAN WAR)
From Bronco Models
1/35th scale 
Product Number #CB35148   
Expected in July 2018      
Sooo Bronco is taking on AFV club int he "Duster" business, they are making this kit with their usual attention to detail (and some smashing box art) that we will look at in a second. First, we thought we would show you a little more about this AFV...

M19 Twin 40-mm Gun Motor Carriage - what you need to know...
 The M19 is based upon the slightly lengthened chassis of the M24 Chaffee tank. The arrangement of the internal drivetrain is different from the M24 in that the dual Cadillac engines and the transfer case that the dual engines feed into is moved forward to roughly the middle of the vehicle. 
This makes room for the dual 40mm turret to sit lower and allows for a vast space at the rear of the vehicle under the turret to store extra ammunition. The driver and co-driver/ chief of section, sit in an enclosed area with a bulkhead directly behind the seats to divide them from the engine compartment. 
There is no fighting compartment in the front of the vehicle. Just two seats, drive shafts, Controlled differential (cross drive) and steel boxes for periscopes and misc other components. All major drivetrain components are the same. Engines, Transmissions, Controlled differential, transfer case, final drives, road wheels, and radiators. The M19 hull is thinner than the M24 and is an only ½ plate over the almost the entire vehicle. The front controlled differential cover is roughly half the thickness of the M24 cover.
There is no pictorial or paper evidence that the M19 actually saw any combat service in WWII, evidence suggests their first use in combat came after the end of hostilities in WWII. That being said the early M19s should have been built before the end of WWII.
The M19 was a major asset in Korea. A majority of the pictures show the vehicle being used in a ground defence/offence roll. The advent of the jet had made the quad 50 and the 40mm series of anti-aircraft guns somewhat diminished in their ability to do their intended roles. The high rate of fire of 40mm projectiles was a game changer in the ability to stop the “human wave” attacks by the North Koreans & Chinese.
The M19 turret assy is not the same or interchangeable with the M42 duster of Vietnam fame. These turrets were not reused on the M42 Duster, & the guns are the same and much of the mounting and controls are the same in the turret area. But are not the same complete assemblies.
A CAD walk around of the kit from Bronco Models in 35h scale
Some of the features of this kit in CAD mockups, these show Photo-Etch and features of the kit that is nearing completion.
There are four schemes to go with this kit in four different markings with decals supplied of course.
More on this kit as it comes to us nearer its release in July. or check out the Bronco Models Website for more on their kits.