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Hasegawa's August Items - some attractive & varied kits in here...

Hasegawa's August 2018 releases are with us - with general statistics, artwork and some pictures when we could of the real kits. See just what they are putting out this month in our preview...

Hasegawa’s releases for August 2018

VF-31F Siegfried Messer/Hayate w/Lilldraken "Macross Delta the Movie"
1:72nd scale
Kit number #65844

This kit of the VF-31F as seen in "Macross Delta the Movie" includes decals for two versions: Hayate Immelman’s ride, or the one flown by Messer Ihlefeld.  The Lilldraken equipment is also included, as are newly-moulded parts to build the wings and tail in different positions when the Lildraken is installed
Additional Plastic Parts
Head for F type, changed wings and tail
Decal (markings)
Chaos Laguna 3rd Fighting Aviation Group Platoon belonging 
Lil · Draken Equipment: Hayate · Immelman boarding machine
Messer · Erefelt boarding machine

Volkswagen Beetle "Moon Equipped"
1:24th scale
Kit No.20357 
base price 3800 yen 
number of parts 82 model length 171mm 
model width 64 mm
Coordinated with yellow & black colours, the MOON Equipped colour Beetle has appeared! It is designed with the eyeball mark drawn largely in the centre of the hood & hubcaps caps fitted with a moon disk. The VW's main body colour is moulded in yellow.
Metal parts
· Wheel cap parts
Decal (marking)
Moon Equipped specification

Yamaha YZR 500 (0 WA 8) "Team Lucky Strike Roberts 1989"
1:12th scale
Kit number 21710 
price 4200 yen
parts number 167 
model length 167 mm
width 52 mm
This item is an injection-plastic motorcycle kit. A highly detailed kit of the Yamaha YZR500 (0WA8) "Team Lucky Strike Roberts 1989" in 1/12 scale. Completed model measures about 167mm long, 52mm wide, and 95mm tall.
Parts come moulded in white, grey and clear. Includes decals, 2 rubber-like tires and multilingual instructions with English.
Additional Plastic Parts
Brake calliper parts
Decal (marking)
Team Lucky Strike Roberts Yamaha 1989 Road Race World Championship 500cc Class Competition 2nd "3" Rider: Wayne Rainey

E-4B "Night watch"
1: 200th scale
 Kit number #10825 
price 4200 yen 
model length 350mm 
Wingspan 298 mm
This item is an injection-plastic airliner model kit. The E-4B Nightwatch is an aircraft that conducts military and government officials in the air when they face difficult situations on the ground. The numerous antenna installed on the upper and lower fuselage reproduce the latest version of this aeroplane; comes with decals for one version. Will be approximately 35cm long with a wingspan of 29.8cm when completed.
Decal (marking)
US Air Force National Air Operation Center "40787" (February 2017)

Jaguar XJ-SC V12 Convertible
1:24th scale
Product number #20352
3200 yen parts number ... 130 
length 198.5 mm
width 75 mm
From Hasegawa comes the classic Jaguar XJ-SC V12 Cabriolet in 1/24 scale. The body parts of this limited edition kit come moulded in white and the chassis is moulded in grey.
The XJ-SC V-12 Jaguar is based on the popular XJ-S coupe. Its "B" pillar was made into a roll bar. IT retains the rear quarter windows and the roof. The front half is divided into two panels which are removable. the rear is a fold-down canvas hood. The XJ-S is a four-seat car, but the XJ-SC is an unabashed two-seater.

Subaru Impreza WRC 2005 "2005 rally Japan"
1:24th scale
Kit number 20353
price 3800 yen
Parts number 94 
length 185 mm 
width 75.5 mm
This item is an injection-plastic racing car model kit. From Hasegawa comes this nicely moulded 1/24 scale Subaru Impreza WRC 2005 "2005 Rally Japan". Rally Japan is part of the FIA World Rally Championship. This kit features the 2005 Subaru team decals. The body parts are moulded in blue and the interior in black.
Decal (marking)
2005 Rally Japan Car No. 5 Driver: Petter Solberg
2005 Rally Japan Car No. 6 3rd Driver: Chris Atkinson

Hitachi Construction Machinery Wheel Loader ZW 100 - 6WM 04 Wheel Loader
1:35th scale
Part number #WM 04
price  3400 yen
Model length 182 mm
width 68 mm
The Wheel Loader ZW100-6 from Hitachi Construction Machinery is a major player in construction, agriculture, the livestock industry, forestry, snow removal and much more! Hasegawa's new kit of this powerhouse is a completely new mold based on close inspection of the actual machine and features a vertically moving lift arm and rotating tires with polycaps.  Includes figure of a female operator.
[Mold Color]: Dark grey, light grey, orange, clear
[Includes]: Tires, decals

UH-60J "Maritime Self-Defense Force 72nd Air Corps"
1:72nd scale
Kit number #02283 
price 3500 yen 
parts number 109
length  256.5 mm
width 228 mm
From the machine belonging to the Maritime Self-Defense Force 72th Air Corps "SKY LARK (Hibari)" commissioned for transportation rescue, I will kit the UH-60J (RESCUE LARK) wrapped in white & red orange two-tone color. "65" is a special painting machine featuring the spring-like marking depicting "Sakura's petal", the unit mark of the 72nd Air Corps and 
the mascot character "Omura chan" of Omura City are drawn at the rear of the fuselage I will.

Additional Plastic Parts
Radome · sensor · antenna · bubble side window part
Etched parts
Antenna parts

Decal (marking)
Omura Air Base Base Opening Corps 58th Anniversary Coating Machine "65" (Omura Air Base: May 24, 2015)
Tokushima Air Aviation Remote Tank Tokushima Air Base Base Opening Corps 55th Anniversary Coating Machine "72" 
(Tokushima Air Base: September 28, 2013)

These kits should be out this month - check out the Hasegawa website for more info on all of their kits.