Tuesday, July 3

Hobbyboss' new item preview for July/ August. - trains planes, tigers black widows and a dune buggy?

Hobbyboss has several new kits for us this month, a few we have sprues for in our preview - but all of them we have colours and boxart in there to give you some idea of what is coming. All are here in our preview...

New products for July/ August from Hobbyboss

Soviet MBV-2 armoured train (KT-28 artillery) 
Model number: 85516
1/35th scale
When World War II began, the Soviet Union had a lot of armoured trains, but many of these were destroyed or damaged when the Germans invaded in 1941. The trains used later in the war had turrets usually fitted onto tanks and some were even armed with huge naval guns transferred from ships
Some specialized Soviet armoured trains were equipped for anti-aircraft duties. This MBV -2 armoured trains from World War II can be viewed at a tank museum near Moscow. The MBV-2 was deployed on the Leningrad Front in 1942

The Soviet military greatly valued the MBV-2 and the trains were frequently fitted with different types of guns. German armoured trains of World War II were often used almost as mobile forts on the Eastern Front. The Soviet trains acted in more of a supporting role for army units, able to perform reconnaissance in an area and also attack any German infantry or tanks that they encountered each mounted on a turret door KT-28 artillery and 2 Ting DT machine guns.
Length: 570mm Width: 94mm  
26 sprues, hull and roadbeds
The kit consists of over 430 parts
includes 5 section roadbeds

Russian SS-21 Scarab Ballistic Missile
Model #85509
1/35th scale
SS-21 "Scarlet B" ballistic missile, a single-stage solid tactical short-range ballistic missile of Russia. The missile uses inertial guidance and is equipped with a global positioning system, radar or optical terminal tracking system with a circular probability error of 95 meters. The missile carrier is equipped with a nuclear, biological and chemical filtration system that can perform tasks in areas where weapons of mass destruction are deployed.
Length: 272.6mm Width: 80.8mm   
Total number of parts:  590+
11 sprues, upper hull, chassis and tires
Full multi-directional slide-moulded upper hull and chassis.
Full drive train assembly complete with engine transmission, differential housing and suspension units. 
The main tires are hollow rubber with good tread patterns

US P-61C "Black Widow" Fighter
Model #87263
Since the air forces of various countries began to pay attention to night bombing, the bombing began to become more efficient than ever. In order to fight against the enemy's night bombing, a series of night fighters began to be put into use. Americans began their night fighter program in 1940. But until the P-61 "Black Widow" served in October 1943, they used the Douglas P-70 "Holocaust" and the British "handsome warrior" to compete with the Japanese.
Both P-61A and P-61B found shortcomings of maximum speed and maximum practical ceiling in service. To improve performance, two more powerful Pratt & Whitney R-2800C engines were installed on the aircraft. With this extra thrust, the top speed and maximum lift limit were increased to 430 mph and 30,000 ft, respectively.
Another modification of the P-61C is the use of a new wide-string propeller and a special "fighter brake" on the wing that allows the P-61C to have a smaller turning radius and avoid over-targeting.
Length: 210mm Wingspan: 279mm 
Total number of parts: 90+10 sprues
The kit consists of over 90 parts, includes 2 clear parts

German Tiger King Heavy Tank - Henschel Turret 45 July Production 
Model number#84533
1/35th scale
At the beginning of October 1942, a development plan for VK 45.03 was released. Two companies provided their own designs, one was Henschel and the other was Porsche. Both have used turret designs from Krupp, the main difference being the car body, the drive train and the suspension.

Henschel's version uses a conventional body design that follows a tilted armour arrangement similar to the Panthers. The rear of the engine is similar to the "Tiger" I tank, with nine staggered load wheels on each side, mounted on a transverse torsion bar. To simplify logistic maintenance, the wheels overlap in the same way as the "Tiger" I tank.
Henschel finally won the contract, and all the "Tiger King" tanks were produced by the company. The vehicle has two turret designs. Early models of turrets were often installed on Porsche's concept cars, so they are often referred to as "Porsche turrets". In fact, there is a misunderstanding here. This turret is only one of the two turrets designed by Krupp at the beginning. The turret has a circular arc in front and the turret has a large inclination on both sides. In order to install the control tower, the left side of the turret has A curved bulge made the production very difficult, with fifty cars installing such turrets on the body of Henschel. Later, the more common “production” turrets, sometimes called the “Henschell” turrets, were flat in front of the turret, with no shells to complement the openings (which were used on earlier curved turrets), and the turrets with smaller inclinations could be just right. Accommodating the captain's command tower, the edge no longer needs to be raised.
The crawler system used in the "Tiger King" chassis is quite unique. The track shoes with inducing teeth and the track shoes without induction teeth (also known as the "one male and one female" design) are used when the crawler grip is insufficient. Anti-slip teeth can also be used.
The "Tiger King" tank was introduced into service late in the late war and only produced in a small amount. Like other German tanks, it used a gasoline engine. However, the same engine installed on the lighter "Panther" and "Tiger" I tank was barely adequate. 
Length: 289.9mm Width: 107.3mm   
25 sprues, turret, lower hull and upper hull
Metal parts     Gun barrel
Etching components     1 piece
The kit consists of over 580 parts 
the kit w/refined detail 
multi-slide moulded lower hull, turret 
individual tracks 
photo-etched parts included

United States "Delta" Assault Vehicle
Model# 82406
1/35th scale
Length: 109mm Width: 59.1mm  
Total number of parts: 120+
6 sprues, chassis and tires
The kit consists of over 120 parts 
- Detailed frame w/accurate design 
- Rubber tires have very good details... 
- Photo-etched parts for engine grill

All three of these kits should now be in your local hobby shop. Check out more information on Hobbyboss' kits on their website