Friday, August 17

Hobbyboss' September selections mostly Russian orientated with a little South African Olifant thrown in there...

We had been waiting for the sprues before we showed you Hobbyboss' latest new items for sale next month. We got three out of four! See how the box art, colours, additional materials and (most of) the sprues look in today's preview...

New from Hobbyboss in September

South African Olifant MK1B MBT
1:35th scale
The South African Army has 172 Olifant mk1A/B main battle tanks in operation. The Olifant 1B entered service in 1991. The upgrades included the installation of a more powerful 105mm L7 cannon, a hand-held laser rangefinder and a first generation image intensifier. The range of the tank was increased by the installation of a diesel engine and additional fuel tanks.
In September 2003, BAE Systems Land Systems OMC was awarded a contract by Armscor (the South African Department of Defence procurement agency) to upgrade 13 Olifant mk1B tanks. The upgrade programme included a new powerpack from Delkon which increases power by 15%, upgrade of gun and turret drives by Reutech Defence Logistics, new fire control system and target detection and engagement system with thermal imaging capability, both supplied by IST Dynamics. 
Length: 274.5mm Width: 99.4mm 
Total Plastic Parts 500+
Total Sprues 11 sprues, upper hull, lower hull and turret
The kit consists of over 500 parts
Multi-slide moulded turret, upper hull and lower hull
Photo-etched parts included
Individual track links

PLA J-16
1/48th scale
The J-16 is a tandem-seat, twinjet, all-weather, multirole strike fighter designed and manufactured by Shenyang Aircraft Corporation, China. This is a multi-role highly maneuverable variant based on the J-11BS with longer range and upgraded avionics, a concept equivalent to Sukhoi Su-30. The J-16 has a slightly different vertical stabilizer compared to J-11 fighter or J-15 naval fighter. It is also equipped with missile pylons for Chinese PL-10 air-to-air missiles, another difference compared to earlier J-11B variants.

According to media reports, China developed the J-16 fighter based on the Shenyang J-11BS airframe, with modifications from the Russian Sukhoi Su-30MKK that was sold to China in 2000.

The J-16 is able to carry a full range of indigenous Chinese equipment including super and subsonic anti-ship missiles, air to air missiles, satellite-guided bombs, cruise missiles and electronic countermeasure (ECM) jammers. It has been speculated that the J-16's WS-10 engines lack sufficient power for the aircraft, given their design faults and the greater weight of the airframe compared to other Chinese Su-27 variants, and that an engine upgrade will be needed to allow the new plane to meet its design potential. As of April 2014, the PLAAF has taken delivery of a regiment of J-16s.
29 sprues, upper fuselage, lower fuselage and tires
Length: 470mm Wingspan: 308mm 
The kit consists of over 330 parts 
Detailed fuselage&wing w/accurate design
Detailed cockpit
Photo-etched parts included

Russian KrAZ-260 Cargo Truck
1/35th Scale
Production of the KrAZ-260 began sometime during the early 1980s when it replaced the earlier KrAZ-255B on the production lines at the Kremenchug Motor Vehicle Plant. However, the vehicle was not disclosed to the general public until 1985 when examples were displayed towing 152-mm2A36 nuclear-capable field guns during a Red Square parade - the KrAZ-260 can tow loads of up to 10000 kg when fully loaded (30000 kg when empty). TheRed Square example had an open body equipped with forward-facing bench seats although this had been a parade configuration. The normal body uses a conventional cargo body with tailgate all covered by the usual tilt over bows. A winch is a standard fitting under the cargo body and can be employed for either forward or rearwards recovery, including self-recovery.
The overall appearance of the KrAZ-260 is similar to that of the earlier KrAZ-255B but the bonnet is more angular to accommodate the turbocharged diesel engine, and the overall dimensions are slightly larger. As far as can be determined the KrAZ-260 was produced for military service only and as apparently not been delivered to armed forces outside theSoviet Union.
Variants are known to exist include the KrAZ-260V tractor truck, used to tow a variety of semi-trailers, and the KrAZ-240. It was also used to tow platforms with S-300 missiles. This tractor truck has a 6x4 drive configuration, a slightly longer wheelbase (4,88 m+1.4 m) and an on-road load capacity of 16.8 t; it is used for long-range logistic support duties, leaving the KrAZ-260 for forward area load carrying. In 1999 this heavy utility truck was succeeded with improved KrAZ-6322.
Length: 259.5mm Width: 77.2mm 
Total Plastic Parts 480+
17 sprues and tires
Full drive train assembly complete with engine transmission, differential housing and suspension units.
The main tires are hollow rubber with a very good tread pattern 
Wheel hubs are in great details 
Windshield and side windows are included

Russian 9K79 Tochka (SS-21 Scarab) IRBM
1/35th scale
The Tochka short-range ballistic missile system (NATO Designation SS-21 Scarab) was developed to replace the Luna-M (FROG-7B) battlefield rockets. Its development began in 1968. Production commenced in 1973 however officially this missile system entered service with the Soviet Army only in 1976. It was exported to a number of Warsaw Pact countries and other Soviet allies.
Length: 272.6mm Width: 80.8mm 
Total Plastic Parts 590+
Total Sprues 11 sprues, upper hull, chassis and tires
Detailed multi-directional slide-moulded upper hull and chassis.
Full drive train assembly complete with engine transmission, differential housing and suspension units.
The main tires are hollow rubber with a good tread pattern 
These new kits are available from Hobbyboss' distributors in September.