Wednesday, August 8

More CADS of the Mirage 2000 One & Two seater in 32nd scale from Kittyhawk

Kittyhawk is promising a full family of Mirage 2000's in 32nd scale - that means one & two-seaters! We have CADS of both types in today's preview...
More CADS of the Mirage 2000 One & Two-seater in 32nd scale from KittyhawkMirage 2000C
1/32nd scale
Kit No 32020
Full multimedia kit with injection moulded plastic, photo-etch & decals

With its first flight in 1978, the multirole Mirage 200 was introduced in operational service by the French Air Force in 1984, in its air defence variant. This aircraft shone in operational service setting the bar in records of serviceability, maintenance and evolutivity with more than 500 Mirage 2000s operational in the world. The Mirage 2000 was exported in 8 countries: Brazil, UAE, Egypt, Greece, India, Peru, Qatar.
The Mirage 2000 is very similar to the Mirage III/5 and 50, though it is not a variant of the Mirage III/5 or 50 but an entirely new aircraft with advanced interceptor controls. In its secondary ground-attack role, the Mirage 2000 carries laser-guided missiles rockets and bombs. There is a two-seat version of this aircraft, the 2000N (Penetration) which has nuclear standoff capability.
The wings are low-mounted delta with clipped tips. There is one turbofan engine mounted in the fuselage. There are semicircular air intakes alongside the fuselage forward of the wings. There is a large, single exhaust which protrudes past the tail. The fuselage is tube-shaped with a pointed nose and a bubble canopy. There are no tail flats. The fin is swept-back and tapered with a clipped tip.
The Mirage 2000-5 is a multi-role single-seater or two-seater fighter. It differs from its predecessors mainly in its avionics; its new multiple target air-to-ground and air-to-air firing procedures linked to the use of RDY radar and its new visualization and control system. As a multi-role combat aircraft with versatile air-to-air mission capabilities, the Mirage 2000-5 integrates the state-of-the-art of the know-how based on the experience gained from the previous Mirage 2000 versions (Mirage 2000 DA, Mirage 2000 E, Mirage 2000 D) and is designed for the most-advanced armaments.

Specifications - General characteristics
Crew: 1
Length: 14.36 m (47 ft 1 in)
Wingspan: 9.13 m (29 ft)
Height: 5.20 m (17 ft)
Wing area: 41 m² (441.3 ft²)
Empty weight: 7,500 kg (16,350 lb)
Loaded weight: 13,800 kg (30,420 lb)
Max. takeoff weight: 17,000 kg (37,500 lb)
Powerplant: 1 × SNECMA M53-P2 afterburning turbofan
Dry thrust: 64.3 kN (14,500 lbf)
Thrust with afterburner: 95.1 kN (21,400 lbf)
Maximum speed: Mach 2.2 (2,336 km/h, 1,451 mph) at high altitude/ 1,110 km/h (690 mph) at low altitude
Range: 1,550 km (837 nmi, 963 mi) with drop tanks
Ferry range: 3,335 km (1,800 nmi, 2,073 mi) with auxiliary fuel
Service ceiling: 17,060 m (59,000 ft)
Rate of climb: 285 m/s (56,000 ft/min)
Wing loading: 337 kg/m² (69 lb/ft²)
Thrust/weight: 0.7 at loaded weight
Guns: 2× 30 mm (1.18 in) DEFA 554 revolver cannon, 125 rounds per gun
Hardpoints: 9 total (4× under-wing, 5× under-fuselage) with a capacity of 6,300 kg (13,900 lb) external fuel and ordnance
Rockets: Matra 68 mm unguided rocket pods, 18 rockets per pod
Air-to-air missiles:
6× MBDA MICA IR/RF(Mirage 2000-5, Mirage 2000-9, Mirage 2000 I)
2× Matra R550 Magic-II and 2× Matra Super 530D (Mirage 2000 C)
Air-to-surface missiles:
2× AM.39 Exocet (Mirage 2000 EG, Mirage 2000-5 Mk2)

Here are the CADS of the upcoming two-seater Mirage 2000C from Kitty hawk - This is the single seater...
Mirage 2000D
1/32nd scale
Kit No 3202?
Full multimedia kit with injection moulded plastic, photo-etch & decals

Those eagle-eyed might see something in these next CADs - the Two-seater trainer variant is also slated, and this is our first glimpse of the CAD images so far. A lot of people like this variant more than the single seater(I know I do)...
The Mirage 2000 D, derived from the Mirage 2000N operated by the French Air Force, is a two-seater air-to-ground attack aircraft. The Mirage 2000D tactical penetration two-seater fighter carries air-to-ground high precision weapons which can be fired at a safe distance, by day or by night. Its navigation and attack system enable it to fly in any weather conditions, hugging the terrain at a very low altitude. Beyond the nuclear-weapons capabilities adopted for the Mirage 2000 N, the Mirage 2000 D armament includes laser-guided weapons, low-drag bombs, and the aircraft can also carry the APACHE cruise missile. The Mirage 2000 D geometrical characteristics and the main performance data are the same as those of the Mirage 2000-5.
More on both of these kits s soon as it comes to light - keep an eye on the Kittyhawk/ Panda Model FB page for more...