Monday, August 27

Takom's 2 in 1: 1/35th scale Flakpanzer Panther 20mm Flakvierling MG 151/20 / Coelian" w37mm Flakzwilling 341

Takom has sent pictures of "2 in1" kits that we think will surely be popular - the option of either a 20mm Flakvierling MG 151/20 or the turret of the "Coelian" w37mm Flakzwilling 341 in the one boxing. See them both in our preview...

Takom's new AA panthers 35th scale

Flakpanzer Panther
20mm Flakvierling MG 151/20
Coelian" w37mm Flakzwilling 341
"2 in 1 kit"
Kit No: #2015
1/35th Scale
No Interior
This dual kit has the hull of a Panther with the anti-aircraft (anti-anything with those big guns) combination of either a 20mm Flakvierling MG 151/20 or a Coelian" w37mm Flakzwilling 341 turret.
Flakpanzer Panther mit 3,7 cm Flakzwilling 341
The development of a new anti-aircraft vehicle on the Chassis PzKpfw.V "Panther" began in 1944 at Rheinmetall-Borsig. As a weapon, a 3,7 cm Gerät 341 was planned, in a 360 ° tower with a pitch of up to 90 °.  The project was flagged Flakpanzer 341 or Flakpanzer V "Cölian". The project ended at the stage of a wooden tower model with a weapon system located on the PzKpfw.v Ausf.D "Panther" tank chassis.

The pictures below show the wooden mock-up of the AA tank that was never produced

Flakpanzer Panther mit 2 cm Flakvierling MG 151 (project)
The project was created within the framework of an acutely necessary program to develop new anti-aircraft tankers against fighter-bombers. On the Pz.Kpfw.V "Panther" platform, an anti-aircraft set of four 20 mm MG 151/20 cannons was to be installed, according to the original plans, to be located in the new tower of Rheinmetall-Borsig. 

The conceptual drawing HSK 82827 was introduced on May 21, 1943.  Weapons were asymmetrically placed on pairs where the top pair of cannons was shifted to the right. This was to achieve a larger spiked area. The weapon gun should be within -5 ° + 72 °. The project was not accepted and priority was given to the development of more efficient anti-aircraft versions on the Panther tank platform with 3.7 and 5.5 cm cannons.

A drawing of the proposed turret of the tank
More on this kit from Takom as soon as we have it