Friday, September 28

Amusing Hobby lifting their kits to new heights with a Strabokran & full interior Ferdinand...

"Now only if we had another crane in this Panzer repair diorama..." - and now you do! Amusing Hobby has steered in the real with an announcement at the All Japan Model & Hobby Show of a dual release in one kit - the 35th scale SD.Kfz.184 Ferdinand & 16t Strabokran.  This is what we know so far...

New from the “All Japan Model & Hobby Show 2018”

SD.Kfz.184 Ferdinand & 16t Strabokran
Ferdinand w/ full interior & Clear Roof Parts
From: Amusing Hobby
1/35th scale
Off the back of the recent release by Takom of the Strabokran 16t, Amusing Hobby has something else planned, the combination of two kits, both in 35th scale, the SD.Kfz.184 Ferdinand w/ full interior & Clear Roof Parts & 16t Strabokran all in one package.

This picture could have been a good reference - two Ferdinand's being repaired with the help of the Strabokran 16t towering above them
OK, what we do know about the kit is that it has a lot of plastic - and the box will be big, but also a few other things...

The Ferdinand kit is a full interior kit, but before you say "wasted opportunity" with all of that internal detail hidden, the kit has a clear roof plastic part so you can build and paint all of that inside and then still see it after your paint job with that window into the superstructure.
To replicate the picture of the real-life service centre above you could always separate the hull and top superstructure ...
The Strabokran 16t itself is already in an advanced stage it seems, with sprues and a built up example ready in time to be seen in photo form at least, Some sprues from the kit... I see the tyres are plastic and not vinyl...
 Not sure if the crane can cross from side to side as of yet...These rollers may be stationary or movable, not sure yet.
 Some big hooks and heavy gears and machinery in there. It is nice to see the kit parts here this early.
The crane has also been built, with these pictures showing it together. First the two uprights.
One of the crane towers, no news on if this kit can be made in transport mode or not
The whole crane together, a big hook on the ground int he centre - wonder if a chain is supplied? Hope so...
We were very impressed with the top of the crane and how the mechanism of the device looked inside.
Well, that is all we have on this kit for now - no news on the release date, but you can see more of Amusing Hobby's kits on their Website.