Wednesday, September 19

Build Guide Pt II: Flettner Fl 282 Kolibri - Clayton adds a base & figures...

We have already seen Clayton build the Kolibri in 35th scale from MiniArt in part I of the build guide. But models are nothing without context - so see today in the second part of his guide how he brings the kit to life by adding a custom base and two figures to make a scene and story...

Build Guide Pt II: Flettner Fl 282 Kolibri - base and figures...
From MiniArt Models
1/35th Scale
Kit No# 41001
Injection Moulded Kit
Series: Aircraft Miniatures
Box size: 345 x 240 x 60мм
Parts QTY: 185
Price - ¥4,800/ US$47/ £32/ €38 from Hobbylink Japan

Build Guide Pt I: Clayton builds the 35th scale Flettner Fl 282 Kolibri from MiniArt

We looked last week at Clayton's build of the Kolibri from MiniArt Models. We saw that the kit was nearly finished, but what model is complete without a scene to be set and figures to populate it? We see as he completes not only the kit but the environment on a nice base that CLayton tests his Mission Model Paints out with in the conclusion of his Kolibri tale today...
Some tonal variation was added to the rotor blades using a few dots of medium grey and buff oil paint. Using a flat brush with white spirit, the paint was dragged across the blade until only a subtle effect is left. 
For the base, I used Acrylic Mud from AMMO as a basic groundwork. 
A timber footing was then created by cutting styrene into strips and laying it into the still wet mud. By running a razor saw over the styrene I was able to create a timber grain look in the pieces. 
A very basic layer of Rotbraun from Mission Models was then sprayed on the dry groundwork. 
Now using lighter tones some variation is applied to the timber slats. 
Dry brushing is now applied to further lift some of the high points in the groundwork. 
I had a couple of old Verlinden figures in the stash I thought may add a little interest to the scene. The sculpting by today's standard was pretty poor, and they were slightly bulky and overscale, but they were going to be OK for what I needed to use them for. 

They were painted using a fine brush and Vallejo Acrylics. 
As mentioned earlier, there can be no doubting this is a really interesting release by Miniart, and they should be applauded for taking the leap and investing in something so unique. At the time of writing this article, I see they have since released variations of the Kolibri, so as modellers we are now even more spoilt for choice. 

Some close-ups of the scene showing the kit's detail and the additional scenery I have added.
Whilst not being perfect, this model is still very good. The tail-sitting is a real issue and really needs to be addressed in some way whether it be through a metal front wheel assembly or instrument panel. No everyone will want to fix this model to a base. The only other thing I wasn’t happy with was the harness, but I have seen a few people do a reasonable job of the kit supplied PE, so perhaps with a little more patience than I had you may get a decent result. That said, there is a glut of aftermarket belts available, so it was an easy fix (even though the accuracy of the replacement could be questioned).

The whole scene and Kolibri from further out
With the blades splayed the footprint of this model is quite sizable, so make sure you account for this in the display case because it is going to take up some space. 

This is an interesting model and should really command grab some interest on the display tables.

Build Guide Pt I: Clayton builds the 35th scale Flettner Fl 282 Kolibri from MiniArt

Clayton Ockerby 

Many thanks to the guys at MiniArt in Ukraine for sending Andy the kit. Stay tuned for the build here at TMN.

Thanks also to Mission Models Paints for sending the shades for the base for Clayton to use...
See more of Clayton's work on his excellent website Workbench Hobbies.