Thursday, September 6

Revell's September items - air land and sea, with newer modellers in mind...

Revell has turned out a few new kits along with a few re-boxings this month, Let's just say they are aimed at the younger modellers, but still worth having a look at in our preview...

Revell of Germany kits in this month's new release preview

WWI Battleship SMS KÖNIG
Scale: 1:700
Product number: 05157
Number of parts: 214 Length: 252 mm
29,99 €
A model construction kit of one of the German Imperial Navy's dreadnought's during the First World War. It became famous during the Battle of Jutland and through the sailor's mutiny.
- Complete hull or waterline model
- Structured planking on the main deck
- Rotating gun turrets
- Display stand
- Decal set

German Staff Car "G4"
Scale: 1:72
Product number: 03268
Number of parts: 96 Length: 77 mm
14,99 €
A model construction kit of a German Army three-axle cross-country vehicle during World War II. It also served as Staff Car for high ranking officers.
- Multi-part bodywork
- Authentic interior
- Transparent parts
- Metal axles
- Rubber tyres
- Fine detailing parts
- Authentic decal set for two vehicles

Soviet Heavy Tank IS-2
Scale: 1:72
Product number: 03269
Number of parts: 118 Length: 138 mm
14,99 € 
A small-scale model construction kit of the most powerful Soviet battle tank during the Second World War.
Rotating turret
122mm calibre gun
One piece injection moulded tracks that can be shaped.
Decal set for two versions

'97 Ford F-150 XLT
Scale: 1:25
Product number: 07045
Number of parts: 116 Length: 229 mm
29,99 € 
A model construction kit of the Ford pick-up which has sold in millions. The tenth generation was introduced in 1997 and differs visually from its predecessors by its rounded front end.
- Multi-part V8 engine
- Rotatable wheels
- Decal set with a variety of registration plates (USA, D, A, NL, B, F, GB, I, CH)

German Submarine Type VII C/41
Scale: 1:350
Product number: 05154
Number of parts: 35 Length: 192 mm
7,49 €
A model construction kit of the most prolific class of submarine in history.
Large Wintergarten AA platform
Snorkel mast
20 mm Twin AA and 37 mm AA cannon
Authentic decal set for U 998 + U 1004
Country versions: Germany during WWII

Aircraft Carrier USS FORRESTAL
Scale: 1:542
Product number: 05156
Number of parts: 203 Length: 587 mm
29,99 €
A model construction kit of the US Navy's first Super Carrier. From the Suez Crisis to the Gulf War this ship that carries the class name, was involved in deployments in almost all US military conflicts over nearly 40 years of its history.
- One piece hull
- Detailed flight deck
- Moveable lift platforms
- Sea Sparrow launch systems
- Phalanx defence systems
- Aircraft complement: 4 x F-14 Tomcat, 4 x F/A-18 Hornet, 2 x A-6 Intruder, 2 x S-3 Viking, 2 x Seaking Helicopter, EA-6 Prowler
- Authentic decal set

These varied new kits will be available from Revell’s Distributors worldwide this month.