Tuesday, September 11

Stalingrad Miniatures give us a neat 35th scale crew to complete our new panther interiors...

o add to the latest spate of Panter tanks with full interiors Stalingrad now give us the right crew to fit your kit. This crew of five in light grey resin is the subject of today's preview...

New set from Stalingrad for your Panther in 35th scale

Panther crew in action, Normandy 1944 (5 figures)
1/35th scale
Kit number# 3087
Stalingrad Miniatures has given us a look at their new set of five new figures for your 1/35th scale Panther. Cast in grey resin and sculpted by Alexander Zelenkov, these five crewmen will fill either the Takom, Meng or Ryefield Panther with the full interior that is all the rage right now.

Here are some of the pictures that were the inspiration for this figure set
These figures are dressed in late war summer uniforms, with their M43 peaked caps and camouflaged Panzerjacke and pants over short boots. They represent the commander sitting in his turret. The gunner below him with his hands on the depression and elevation controls. The gunner is next to him in a pose that looks like he is leaning over with a round going into the main gun.
The  Radioman looks a little like he has his ear to the radio receiver set listening in for signals from the other vehicles in the group while the driver has his hands down at his controls in his station in the front.
A note to modellers - although these figures could well be used in any Panther kit in 35th scale, the sculptor advises that has sculpted this set using the TAKOM Panther A kit as his guide. He recommends using this kit for best fit. 

Here they are in the Takom Panther
These figures are available as one set right now - check these out and all of Alexander's other works at the  Stalingrad Website: