Saturday, October 27

Masterbox brings Truckers, some cab-mates & a little Jesus to our modelling benches...

Big rigs, precious cargo & a bit of "Jeezuz" are on the menu with Masterbox' latest figures in their auto and truck line. We take a look at what info is out there so far in our preview...
Masterbox' new guys n' gals for your rig in 24th scale

"Special Cargo - Handle with Care" Sandy and George "Skip"
Trucker's Seris #9
1/24th scale
Tan plastic sprue containing two figures
This new kit from Masterbox includes two figures - both given names by the manufacturers as  "Sandy" (the lady) and George or "Skip" as he is called here. I am sure they would not be offended if you game them your own name, this is a made up scenario in 24th scale anyway's so you can have them do whatever you like.

You can see here the 3D renders of the sculpt. A common theme with these releases is that they look plenty different to the box art (wowsers).
 You can see a little more of the sculpts here on the rear of the box, showing the painting instructions (here again you can make them what you want, and the others in this series that we have covered here on TMN. The one sprue is here, and how the ahem... "cargo" is being handled caught our eye...

"Holly Roller" Jordan "Jesus" Jamerson
Trucker's Series #7
1/24th scale
Tan plastic sprue containing one figure
Holy JEEZZ..this fellow's name is  Jordan "Jesus" Jamerson but he is considered a bit of a "Holly Roller" amongst his other drivers - maybe he dodges the weigh stations? You can see the artwork and the 3D CAD work on him again he looks a little like Aquaman than Jesus - but the sculpt will tell when we see it.
 The sprue map, painting call-outs, the others in the series and the construction of the kit are all here again on the rear end of the box. This is a single figure on one sprue in tan also.

"Mindy "Looking for a long haul Partner" 
Trucker's Series #8
1/24th scale
Tan plastic sprue containing one figure
When we heard that Mindy was looking for a long-term haul partner we sort of thought we only had the rig to take her for just a short ride, but you never know your luck on the road! 
Mindy is shown here in artwork and 3D CAD form that we expect the sculpt to look like. Her hair is a little different tot he artwork, but the bodywork looks similar...
 This kit in 24th scale will suit all of your cars and trucks in similar scale, and here you see the one sprue and the painting and construction method in this simple set of box illustration. We do think they will be welcomed especially by the automotive modellers as good figures - like long haul partners - are hard to find...

These three new kits will be out (we Think) in November in our local hobby shop or from Masterbox' Distributors Worldwide.