Saturday, October 13

Preview: Faun L900 w/ Sd.ah.115 Trailer from Das Werk Models in 1/35th scale

The teams from Customscale, Uschi & Faun of Germany have combined to make this - a gigantic new kit for "Das Werk's" first foray into 1/35th scale plastic injection modelling. The Faun L900 w/ Sdah 115 Trailer  (WWII 1937-1945) from Das Werk Models is the subject of our preview today showing you all we know about this new release...

Faun L900 w/ Sdah 115 Trailer 
WWII 1937-1945
From Das Werk Models
1/35th scale
Product No: DW35003
Release date 11/2018
Price TBC
Webpage (website not-yet up and funning)
The FAUN L900 in history.
The FAUN L900 was manufactured from 1937 to 1939. The largest customer for this truck and the trailer was the Wehrmacht which used them as tank transporters.
The heavy Faun L900 with the 10to sd.Ah. 115 Trailer was used to transport two Panzer I's or II's and the other early war smaller and lighter tanks and AFV's of the Wehrmacht. The Leichte Divisionen (Light (Panzer) Divisions) of the German Wehrmacht used this combination of truck and trailer until the Light Divisions are converted in to regular tank divisions, the Fauns and Trailers are moved to the heavy maintenance companies of the tank regiments and used until the end of WW II. Set of 2 x Faun L900 and 2 x sd.Ah. 115 with separate side ramps and rear axle.
Faun L900 D567 6x4 tank transporter Specifications
Type heavy truck - tank transporter
Place of origin Nazi Germany
Service history
In service 1935–1945
Used by Nazi Germany
Production history
Designed 1934
Manufacturer Faun
Produced 1934–1937
Weight 9.000 Kg
Length 9.80 m / Width 2.50 m  / Height 2.60 m 
Crew 1 driver
Engine Deutz F6M5171 diesel engine 13.500 cc 6 cyl. - 150 HP or 18.000 cc 8 cyl. - 180 HP
Suspension: Transmission semi-elliptical leaf spring suspension (front and rear)
Gears: 4 speed forward x 1 reverse
Cargo capacity: 10.000 Kg
Speed: 50 km/h (max.)
Cruise range: 360 Km
Fuel tank: 200 L
Brakes: Pneumatic (service)
Turning radius: 20m
Contrary to the Büssing-NAG 900 tank transporters, the FAUN L 900 had an open driver’s cab, a cloth covered version and a solid cab version also.
OK, so what do we know about this kit?

Faun L900 w/ Sdah 115 Trailer 
WWII 1937-1945
1/35th scale
Product No: DW35003
Release date 11/2018
Price TBC
DAS WERK Facebook page
Webpage (not yet up and funning)
The kit comes with both a truck and trailer included - we will look at the truck first, and then the trailer. The CAD images of the kit are a help and I will use them to show the points raised.
The truck includes:
- The kit was developed in co-operation with Faun of Germany and Customscale.
- German Faun L900 Heavy Duty Transport Vehicle, Available in soft top or convertible versions.
- Moving Features allowing accurate representation of the vehicle with three alternate suspension heights showing empty /unloaded.
Neutral position
...& loaded, showing some sag in the stance of the truck
- The kit contains brass tubing & a bending jig for the freight bed arches
 These arches installed, all in the same angles and aspect on the built-up test kit here...
- Truck bed sides can be positioned up or down.
- Kit details are sharp and well researched
- Positionable/ steerable wheels
- Soft Top version allowing a presentation in various weather conditions
There are four colour variations included in the box.

The Sd.ah.115 Trailer
The Tiefladeanhänger für Panzerkampfwagen 10t (Sd. Ah. 115) - a flatbed trailer for armoured vegicles - was used for the transportation of armoured vehicles up to a weight of 10 tons. It was towed by a 9 tons lorry of the brands Büssing-NAG and FAUN or by a m. Zgkw. 8t Sd. Kfz. 7. The Sd. Ah. 115 was officially introduced in April 1938.

Here is the trailer with a Marder on board...
 Panzer 35t's on both truck and trailer somewhere on the new Autobahn system gong towards Poland
 With a PZ 38t
 These trucks and trailers even saw action in Africa
 with crews still on board, we think this wasn't a long haul trip...
 A promotional shot showing several vehicles loading at once

The trailer kit:
- The trailer can be configured for roll-on/off operations or transport (below is the test kit construction)
- Trailer hitch fully movable
- Trailer rear axle adjustable and removable
- Optional rear loading ramps included.
- Cables and vehicle ties are included.
Here are both the Faun and trailer together.
There is already a test shot build being made - The use of several of Uschi van der Rosten's woodgrain and metal accessories are looking quite good on the trailer...

So that is all we can tell you about this kit for now - we will let you know more about this kit as it reaches the market - till then you can always look at Das Werk's Facebook page for more information...