Wednesday, October 10

Rockin' Revell distributing Bandai kits worldwide AND a new book + two other kits for October.

Revell of Germany has some nice new kits this month, a Rockin' rig, a beautiful book and a massive Antonov are just the start. We have the press release including Revell's announcement about distributing Bandai kits -also in today's preview...

Rockin' Revell distributing Bandai kits worldwide AND a new book + two other kits for October.

BANDAI Millennium Falcon "Perfect Grade"
Scale: 1:72
Product number: 01206
Age: 14+
Number of parts: 680 Length: 482 mm
399,00 €
The Millennium Falcon complements the Perfect Grade Series, Bandai's flagship line of ultra-detailed plastic model kits.  The kit is based on thorough research on the 1.7m studio model and knows no compromises in terms of model fidelity and detail.
Ultra-detailed down to the smallest detail
LED unit for illumination of engines, landing gear, cockpit and loading ramp
photoetched parts
Sitting figures of Han, Luke, Leia, Chewbacca, Obi-Wan and C-3PO
display stand
Star Wars by Bandai
Star Wars: Models from a far, far away galaxy finally for at home
Numerous collectors have eagerly awaited the release of the Bandai Star Wars model kits. The combination of Revell Modellbau and Bandai Star Wars combines precision, great attention to detail and innovative technical implementation. In 2014, the Japanese manufacturer Bandai announced that it had acquired the license to produce Star Wars Collectibles. With the high demand on the model construction of the company Revell, the experienced model builder can exclusively enjoy the Stars Wars Collectibles, which are available for the first time in Europe.
Detail fidelity, simple assembly and multi-coloured kits
Through the cooperation with Revell, the Bandai Star Wars models reach a new level regarding the demands on the model kit. Thus, the kits are produced with high precision and the most modern technologies and are difficult to surpass in high quality. Thanks to the Snap-Fit technology, every fan can assemble the model without glue, which leads to a seamless connection between the various individual parts. Multi-colour components eliminate the need for time-consuming painting in the future, especially as Revell provides two different decal options with each model. Whether you prefer stickers or decals is entirely up to the individual model maker. Both variants allow every tiny detail of the model to come into its own. In addition, many parts are movable. This not only ensures fun during assembly, but also during play. The assembly of the models is connected with a high requirement, but they are naturally not only something for older generations. Children also enjoy the Snap-Fit technology with the individual replicas and can train their fine motor skills.
The Falcon by Han Solo makes the beginning
In the beginning, the Bandai Millennium Falcon from the Perfect Grade series appears. With the scale of 1:72 and 680 parts, the model reaches a size of 48.2 cm after assembly and is an absolute highlight for collectors. Smaller models such as the Allterain fighter runner, abbreviated AT-AT, are available in 1:144 scale, other models such as the Snowspeeder are available in 1:48 scale. Altogether Revell offers a large selection of replicas from the films, of which the Millennium Falcon comes with an LED unit for illuminating the engines and landing gear as well as other small details. Thus, many small pilot figures and small figures from Han Solo, Leia, Chewbacca, Obi-Wan and C-3PO are included in the Millennium Falcon as a perfect complement.
A must for true Star Wars fans
Especially for Star Wars experts, enthusiasts and fans the models are real collector's products. With a detailed orientation to the originals, each model comes with a display stand or a plate to present the models in the best possible way. Even the display stands are an optimal complement to the individual replicas and individually adapted. In order for the models to come close to their originals down to the smallest detail, the designers conducted extensive research on the studio models. Compromises or small errors were not allowed to occur during production. The Star Wars models from Bandai and Revell easily meet the high demands of potential buyers and collectors.

Truck & Trailer "AC/DC" Limited Edition
Scale: 1:32
Product number: 07453
Age : 10+
Number of parts: 110 
Length: 552 mm Height: 130mm
59,99 €
Model kit of a spectacular tour truck designed by Australian hard rock legends AC/DC and their number 1 album "Rock Or Bust".
one-piece cabin with a separate grill
Easy assembly of tractor and trailer
One-piece frame for the trailer
Many chrome parts, including rims and exterior mirrors
Large-area water slide images and clear building instructions
Included are: 1x model kit, building instructions, glue, brush, 6 Aqua Color colours

Antonov AN-225 Mrija
Scale: 1:144
Product number: 04958
Age: 14+
Number of parts: 203 Length: 583 mm Wingspan: 614 mm
99,99 €
The Antonov An-225 Mrija, with a length of 84 metres, is not only the largest aircraft in the world but also the only one with six engines.

Scale 1/144. 203 individual parts. 58,3 cm length. Suitable from 14 years.

Originally developed to transport the Soviet space shuttle Buran, the only aircraft of this type now flies the heaviest loads around the globe.

It currently holds both the record for the highest total cargo transported by air (247 tons) and the heaviest single cargo piece (190 tons).

With a length of 84 metres, the Antonov An-225 Mrija is not only the largest aircraft in the world but also the only one with six engines.

Book – The Revell Story (English Version)
Product number: 95006
176 pages, 150 colour and black-and-white photos, 
size 21 x 24 cm, 
hardcover with dust jacket, 
Available in both English version & German versions
29,90 €
Since the 1950s, Revell has been producing true-to-scale and highly detailed plastic model kits. Whether cars, aeroplanes, ships or even space stations - there is hardly a technical milestone that Revell has not implemented as a model with a loving eye for detail.

Ulli Taubert and Andreas A. Berse tell the exciting story of a brand that is inextricably linked to German children's rooms, and numerous contemporary witnesses speak out.
Above all Ulli Taubert, who shaped Revell's program and product development for decades. An exclusive look behind the scenes of the model business with previously unpublished photos and documents.

Published by the renowned publisher Delius Klasing and bound in high-quality hardcover.
These kits are now available for order or Pre-order from the Revell Website at the links supplied above