Wednesday, October 31

Two new kits from Hobbybos: Boxart, colours & sprues in our preview...

We have been waiting for the Hobbyboss website to show the sprues of these two new kits before we showed them in our preview. They have for us an anniversary Aussie Hornet and the fastest tank in the world in an early incarnation. See the colours, boxart and sprues in our preview...
Hobbyboss' releases for November

Soviet BT-2 fast tank (early type)
Model Number: #84514
1:35th scale
A U.S.S.R. wheeled caterpillar tank developed in the 1930s. The first vehicle of the BT light tanks. The tank was based on the U.S. Christie M1931 (Model 1940), but differed from its peer in various design solutions, and had higher speed and better mobility. 
A total of 620 vehicles of different modifications were manufactured. This was at one time the fastest tank in production.
The vehicle with a new engine and elliptical turret featuring a 45-mm gun was designated BT-5. A total of 1,884 vehicles of this type were produced. Some of them were exported to Spain, others participated in the battle of Khalkhyn Gol, Polish campaign, Winter War, and Second World War.
Model Specifics: Length: 163.9mm Width: 63.7mm 
260+ parts     
10 sprues, upper hull and lower hull
The kit consists of over 260 parts 
Multi-slide moulded turret and lower hull 
Photo-etched parts included

Australian Air Force F/A-18C
Model: #85809
1:48th scale
The F/A-18A (single seat) and F/A-18B (twin seat) Hornets are multi-role fighter aircraft, capable of air-to-air and air-to-ground missions. They are an integral part of Australia's air combat capability. The fleet has undergone a major electronic upgrade to ensure effective operations for the next 10 years. 

Both of the schemes in this boxing portray RAAF paint schemes celebrating the anniversary of the Hornet. 
The Hornet was developed for the US Navy and Marine Corps and has been a very successful aircraft. It is also used by Canada, Finland, Kuwait, Malaysia, Spain and Switzerland.
The F/A-18A and F/A-18B Hornets can undertake:
air interception;
air combat;
close air support of ground troops; and
interception of enemy supply lines including shipping.
The Hornet is also capable of air-to-air refuelling from the KC-30A Multi-Role Tanker Transport.
Model Specifics: Length: 353.5mm Wingspan: 253.8mm   
Total number of 10 sprues
The kit consists of over 240 parts, includes 10 clear parts
-Detailed fuselage&wing w/accurate design 
-Detailed gear cabin & cockpit

These two new kits should be available sometime this month from Hobbyboss' Distributors nearer you