Tuesday, November 6

Hasegawa's November items are pretty varied with at least 1 new item in there...

Some brand new kits amongst some others not so new in Hasegawa's November releases. We have as much info and even some made up facts about them in our November preview...

November kits from Hasegawa

Scale … 1:35
Item no … WM05(66005)
Estimated No. of parts … 212
length …132mm
width …60.5mm
In celebration of its 50 years of history, Yanmar's iconic red tractor has its latest design immortalized in this newly tooled 1/35-scale kit! Featuring rubber tires that rotate thanks to polycaps, and front wheels that can be steered left and right, this kit also includes a male operator modelled from a prototype by Satoshi Tsujimura. All in a box illustrated by the renowned Tankro Kato!

90’s PADDOCK GIRLS FIGURE (2 kits in the box)
Scale … 1:24
Item no … FC03(29103)
Estimated No. of parts … 18
height …70mm
More softcore stuff to drool over while you tell your wife you are modelling. this set from Hasegawa features two grid girls to jazz up your car model and probably take all the attention away from all of that hard work you put into it!

MechatroWeGo No.12 “Crystal & Crystal MINT” (2 kits in the box)
Scale … 1:35
Item no … 64770(64770)
Estimated No. of parts … 73 x 2
length …75mm
width …60mm
The 12th release from the Mechatro WeGo series introduces clear part-based mech kits! Build two 1/35 scale Mechatros featuring the following colour characteristics:
Clear head, belly, and back cover
Silver plated frame
White & dark grey parts
Crystal Mint
Clear head, belly, and back cover
Translucent white outer parts & frame
Blue-green parts

JK Mate Series “CARDIGAN” (resin kit)
Scale … 1:12
Item no … SP388(52188)
Estimated No. of parts … 6
height …130mm
This resin fixed-pose figure of a Japanese schoolgirl shows off just how important having a flowery cardigan can be too grown men who like to model young girls or even to look up figures of them (hello Interpol :-) )  thanks a lot Hasegawa

F-35® LIGHTNING II® (B Version) “J.A.S.D.F.”
Scale … 1:72
Item no … 02291(02291)
Estimated No. of parts … 101
length …217mm
width …148mm
Hasegawa presents a new tooling of this versatile modern warbird, the F-35A Lightning II!  Features markings for the JASDFADTW Gifu A.B. (imaginable marking), and comes with a display stand.  

Scale … 1:24
Item no … HC30(21130)
Estimated No. of parts … 115
length …172.5mm
width …69mm
Sporting its distinctive overfender, the early-type Mitsubishi Galant GTO 2000GSR is back in 1/24-scale kit form, now with some new parts: chassis, muffler, front grill, overfender, rear panel, rear seat, an air outlet, front seat, wheel rims, tail lights, and tires! An entry in Hasegawa's Historic Car line, this '70s speed machine promises to be another pleasure to build.

Scale … 1:12
Item no … BK6(21506)
Estimated No. of parts … 140
length …165.5mm
width …70mm
- Kawasaki's famous legendary name car KH 400 !! Kawasaki KH is equipped with a unique two-stroke three-cylinder engine inherited from the Mach series.
- It is familiar with the nickname of [Ketch], and it is an on-road bike that is still strongly popular even now.
- The final model [KH 400 - A 7] of displacement of 400 cc released in the racing color of Kawasaki Lime Green in November 1979 will be made into a kit with complete new mold by thorough actual vehicle coverage.
- Decal: Body sideline
- [Kawasaki] [KH] Mark Reproduce the image close to the actual car without colouring the parts and painting with plating parts
Sprue Colours
- Green: Tank / Sheet Mall and others
- Black: Frame, sheet, etc.
- Light Gray: Engine and others
- Clear: Head light etc

Chrome Plated parts
- Front fender
- Wheel
- Scarf
- Suspension
- Mirrors and others

Egg Girls Collection No.05 “Claire Frost” w/ HUGHES 500
SP386 たまコレ No.05_ol
Item no … SP386(52186)
Estimated No. of parts … 17 + 9
HUGHES 500  -  L : 100 mm x W : 88 mm
Egg girls marking decal sheet for HUGHES 500 is included.
- Package illustration is handled by Takashi Fujisawa.
- Includes one new resin figure
- Prototype Production: Mr. Satoshi Tsujimura
- Decal: Eye decal (for figures), Original marking (for egg ellipse)

Egg Girls Collection No.06 “Sara Mayuki” w/ T-4
SP387 たまコレ No.06_ol
Item no … SP387(52187)
Estimated No. of parts … 35 + 6
Category … Eggplane w/ figure
Size : T-4  -  L : 84.5 mm x W : 77 mm
Egg girls marking decal sheet for T-4 is included.
- Package illustration is handled by Takashi Fujisawa.
- New resin figure
- Prototype Production: Mr. Satoshi Tsujimura
- Decal: Eye decal (for figures), Original marking (for egg ellipse)

These November kits from Hasegawa should be out in your nearest local hobby shop now