Saturday, November 10

Preview: Rye Field Model's new 35th scale German Schützenpanzer PUMA

Modern vehicles are quite a trend as companies look to keep on turning out unique products. Rye field model has something unique in their latest kit, the 35th scale German Schützenpanzer Puma AFV. We have some information about the real thing & the kit in our preview...

A new German modern APC from RyeField...

German Schützenpanzer PUMA
Rye Field Model
1/35th scale
December 2018 release 
Schützenpanzer Pume in real life:
The Puma is a German infantry fighting vehicle (Schützenpanzer or short SPz) designed to replace the aging Marder IFVs currently in service with the German Army. Replacement began in 2010 and is scheduled for completion by 2020. Mass production began on 6 July 2009. The companies responsible for this project are Krauss-Maffei Wegmann and Rheinmetall Landsysteme, who created a joint venture in the form of Projekt System Management GmbH (PSM). 
The Puma is one of the world's best-protected IFVs, while still having a high power-to-weight ratio. SAIC offered a derivative of the Puma as its contender in the now-cancelled American GCV Infantry Fighting Vehicle program.
A compact 1,090 hp diesel engine provides agility and speed in the field. With the new 30-millimetre automatic cannon, the Puma is significantly more assertive than its predecessor. The machine gun is fully stabilized. Therefore, the Puma can also fight targets accurately from the movement. Balancing ammunition is available to combat armoured targets and so-called airburst ammunition against unarmored targets. In this case, the ignition timing is programmed when leaving the tube, so that the projectile explodes at a fixed distance to the target.
Also new is the distance-active multifunctional self-protection system (MUST), which detects the laser rangefinder, target marker and approaching guided missiles and automatically triggers foggers and infrared jammers. In addition, the adaptable to the threat situation armour ensures optimum protection of the crew. For air transport in the Airbus A400M, elements of the armour can be removed.
Vehicle statistics:
Crew: Commander, gunner, driver + 6 soldiers in a  Rifle Squad
fighting weight 43 t
Speed: 70 km / h (road)
Engine power: 800 kW / 1,090 hp
Range: 600 km of road / 300 km of terrain
Length 7.6 m / width 3,9 m / height 3.6 m
Weaponry: 30 mm automatic cannon with maximum combat distance 3,000 m for balancing bullets and airburst ammunition; 5.56 mm MG4; Multifunctional self-protection system with fogger and infrared jammer
The new German Schützenpanzer PUMA Kit:
This new kit from RyeField model struck everyone as a bit of a surprise. What we do know about the kit is that it is in 1/35th scale, it has workable track links (not that you would want to drive it around)
You can see the workable track link design in this CAD drawing - the small decal sheet with plenty of the usual warning chevrons are included we see!
We see that AMMO has taken care of the paint schemes in the box. The NATO colour scheme s one that can look a little boring - but a little mud on this vehicle will liven things up more than a little!
You can see here that the rear cab can be opened to allow the six squad members to run out about their business. 
That is all we know for now - The kit will be released in a month's time according to Rye Field Model - and that means December 2018!