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A brand New Book & Separate Decal Set Featuring I(J)/ LG 2 & JG 77 from Luftfahrtverlag-Start

A brand New Book & Separate Decal Set Featuring the legendary I(J)/ LG 2 & JG 77 of the German Luftwaffe is on the way from the team at Luftfahrtverlag-Start. These guys are in the very top echelon for quality and research so their new book and decal will be highly anticipated. See a little more about them in our preview...

New book & separate decal set on sale from Luftfahrtverlag-Start

“At the Font with His Camera, A War Correspondent with I(J)/ LG 2 and JG 77” 
From Luftfahrtverlag Start
240 pages
54 colour photos, 170 b/w photos
13 profiles
14 operation-maps. 
Price: 64 Euro + shipping.
A brand New Book & Separate Decal Set Featuring  I(J)/ LG 2 & JG 77 from Luftfahrtverlag Start “At the Font with His Camera, A War Correspondent with I(J)/ LG 2 and JG 77” and will come here in late January, which we really look forward to. It is the third book in the row “Photographed by soldiers”. The first books were “Als Panzermnn in Afrika und Italien” and “To the Gates of Moscow...”
The specialist literature includes extensive and well-illustrated publications about many German Jagdgeschwader and Jagdgruppen; however, one Gruppe which in terms of photos has been in a deep sleep for a long time is I.(J)/LG 2. Despite the fact that fighter pilots who later became well known, men like Ihlefeld, Geißhardt, Marseille, Harder, Strakeljahn and Kemethmüller, flew their first operational sorties and scored their first victories with the unit, the photographic material available to those with an interest in the unit is limited.
Now, however, with Volume 3 in our Photographed by Soldiers series we can offer all fighter enthusiasts unique photo material. The foundation of this book is a collection of colour slides in the estate of a former war reporter who accompanied I.(J)/LG 2 from the Channel in 1941, through the Balkans to Russia. He was with the unit in Russia in 1942 when it was renamed I./JG 77. With JG 77, in the summer of 1942, he took the last photos showing the commander of the Geschwader, Maj. Gollob, and his aircraft. 
The colour images provide completely new and unexpected information about camouflage schemes, Staffel colours and emblems. To provide a complete picture of I.(J)/LG 2’s operational history, the colour images are supplemented by impressive and never before seen black-and-white photos from the estates of various pilots and technicians who served with the Gruppe. 

The new book has 240 pages, 54 colour photos in a fantastic quality, 170 b/w photos, 13 profiles and coloured 14 operation-maps. It costs 64 Euro + shipping. 

Decal set
"Mit der Kamera an der Front"
1/48th scale
12 aircraft decal choices included on this sheet
Price:19,50 + shipping 
or 17,50 € if you order it with the book, "At the Front with His Camera".
We have attached also some pictures of the new decal sheet in 48th scale that cover some of the aircraft featured inside the book “at the Front with his Camera...”

Firstly the profiles with pictures of the twelve (12!) real aircraft covered in this sheet
 Then a layout of the decal sheet
The sheet costs 19,50 Euro+ shipping or 17,50Euro if ordered with the book (free shipping for the decals). 

Both of these should be available at the end of January

To secure your copy you can email them directly from the contact page on their website