Sunday, December 30

A look at Zvezda's new items for 2019 in their catalogue

Zvezda shows us their new catalogue with existing models & all new items for 2019 - the only catch is you need to speak Russian to decipher everything in the pages. We know that the smart ones amongst you can work out what's coming in this new catalogue preview.

Zvezda Catalogue for 2018
Although this catalogue is in issued in Russian, we think that many of you out there will be able to discern what is coming up in the new year. Many people would not know just how many items they already have on sale, let alone what is coming... There is so much here we will just show you the pages and let you take it all in.
Hope your Russian is up to scratch for these pages...
Some early learning models first.
The "adult" new and newly added to items have little red banners on them...

All of these kits are - or soon will be, on the Zvezda Website in the next year - we really hope so!