Tuesday, December 18

Masterbox' new kits of January/ February 2019 - shootin', posin' & lobbin' a grenade in our preview...

There are three new kits coming from Masterbox in January / February of 2019. Two of these in 24th scale - one depicting a police shootout, while the other captures a moment of steampunk beauty in space while the third kit features a bunch of 501'st paratroopers offering up one more grenade. See what they are all about in our new item preview...

Masterbox' new kits of January/ February 2019

“Take one more grenade! Screaming Eagles, 101st Airborne (Air Assault) Division, Europe, 1944-1945”
1/35 scale
Kit #3574 
he kit continues and expands the series of 1/35 scale figures dedicated to urban battles that occurred during the WWII in the most various places and it represents the group consisting of four US Paratroopers fighting in one of the cities of France or Germany in 1944-1945. 

The figures are animated very well, they are united by the single story and interact with each other greatly, but at the same time, each figure has so bright inside expression that it allows seeing the whole story even in the single figure. This allows the modeller both to create a mini-diorama by using all figures from the kit and to use each figure separately or in any configuration depending on the intended story. 

At the Edge of the Universe. Strange Company's Adventures Continue:
Masterbox is continuing to work in a completely new direction with their figure releases with the progression of their new series of kits in 1/24th scale dedicated to the subject of space and science fiction. Creating their own stories that are connected in a new universe, the choice of this direction is due to the fact that space science fiction is very popular both in cinema and in computer games. At the same time, Masterbox wanted to create something uniquely their own from the characters of specific serials, movies or games universes that are already well established. They want to make their own figures rather picking on something just say, from "Star Wars" or “Star Trek”, they want to create a new world for modeller’s minds to explore. Something fresh for fresh minds to make their own with no pre-conceptions or constrictions of genre restraints or one that is set in a specific style.

“At the Edge of the Universe. Strange Company's adventures. Episode I. The first meeting. Irene Leroi. Let’s hide on Steamplanet!” 
The kit is performed in 1/24 scale.
The kit continues and expands the series of 1/24 scale figures called “Strange Company” and introduces a new character into the story – Irene Leroi. The figure of the girl is made in “Steampunk” style, it is filled with internal energy, powerful emotion and contains the whole story. 

The kit allows creating both an independent vignette and large-scale diorama by using all figures from the kits of this series. The box contains a separate sheet with instructions.
Irene Leroi is a representative of Steamplanet, which is a somewhat strange civilization created by the descendants of the sectarian migrants, who left Earth in search of salvation just prior to an oncoming technological disaster. They mastered one of the planets in the Far Frontier. The Sectarians rejected all sources of energy known at that time, since the technology was responsible for their having to leave Earth and accepted only one (Steam Power). 
They chose the style of the Victorian Era of Great Britain as the model for building their new world. Perhaps their choice of this new ideology was influenced and based on Steampunk, which flourished at the turn of the 20th and 21st centuries, or the fact that it was one of the most prosperous and forward moving times, in any case, they even called their planet symbolically “Steamplanet”. Despite scepticism and in spite of all logic, the colonists succeeded in creating very advanced technologies and even managed to master space flight, relying solely on the power of steam. Moreover, their Victorian style of clothing, weapons and household items received a fanciful development. 
Irene is just a rich traveller whose means allow her to travel comfortably on her own private ship. Irene got involved in the battle between the Special Forces and the Strange Company partly out of boredom, and partly in defiance of her omnipotent father, Michel Leroi. Irene managed to get the Strange Company out of the trap on the space station and, and ended up in their company on a captured battle shuttle, away from both her own ship and from her crew, which consists of a personal team of bodyguards who are notorious thugs. Lead by their commander and captain of her ship, a strict demanding and uncompromising leader named Patrick Duval. 
Patrick received orders from Michel Leroi to rescue his daughter at all costs and return her to Steamplanet. As she is the sole heir to his wealth and power, he will stop at nothing to have her safely back on Steamplanet where he believes his power and influence will protect her. This has added Irene and Michel Leroi along with Irene’s crew to the list of enemies of the Galactic Security Service. 

“The Heist series, Kit №1. Shots fired – Officer needs assistance, civilian casualties reported, Request back-up ASAP!!!"
 Sgt Jack Melgoza and Patrolman Sally Taylor”
KitNo# 24064 
1/24th scale
The kit continues and expands the series of 1/24 scale figures for models of cars produced by a number of companies, but at the same time, it opens an independent storyline – the Heist of the Bank. This new series consists of 3 kits and information about this is placed on the rear side of the box. 
The kit contains parts for the assembly of two figures: the figure of the policewoman and her partner who were the first to come to the involvement and are engaged in a shootout with the criminals. 
These three new kits will be out in January 2019 (not long now) in your local hobby shop or from Masterbox' Distributors Worldwide.