Saturday, December 22

Preview: Rado Miniatures 35th scale "Move Jerry!" - W-SS tanker POW Set, 1944-45

Rado Miniatures continues to bring us new subjects and expand their range of new figures. We see two new figures this month - one the captor and one the captured - the "Jerry" Panzer truppen has surrendered to the British "Tommy" - we see them as single figures, as a scene and with some allies to make another vignette with other Rado Miniatures in our preview...

Two new figures in three sets from Rado Miniatures this month

A new set of figures, sold either as a set or as single figures, are here in time for the December holidays from Rado Miniatures. we have pictures of the figures made up and painted, and also some of the pictures that inspired them in this preview.

The Sculptor, Mr Radek Pituch has used the battles after D-Day in Northern France, 

This is the second part of his December releases, with three from the new "Move, Jerry!" series and one additional from the Behind enemy lines range comprising of figures no 019, 020 and 022. 

Normandy was the subject. The idea was to portray a young SS POW so what first comes to the mind is the 12th SS. But it can be used anywhere on the Western front at that time.
These two new figures try to capture a little of what the sculptor sees in the shots above.

Move Jerry! - W-SS tanker POW, 1944-45
One high-quality resin figure in 1/35th scale.
This German "Jerry" is I think a tanker, surrendered and lucky to be alive after getting out of his tank in one piece. His tanker jacket can be shown camouflaged or in black/ grey and the same can be done for the pants if you are not confident with an all over pea camo. The example in the box-art looks pretty nice though doesn't it?

Move Jerry! - British trooper w/Lee-Enfield No. 4, 1944-45
One high-quality resin figure in 1/35th scale.
This British "Tommy" is seen in typical British/ Commonwealth battledress and pants, webbing and ammunition pouches for his Lee-Enfield rifle which he carries - gently prodding his captive forward as he walks. carrying his rifle at the port, you can see him mouthing off to his captive as they walk forward - somewhere in France in 1944.

Move Jerry! - British trooper w/W-SS tanker & POW, 1944-45
Two high-quality resin figures in 1/35th scale.
These unlikely pair are on the long walk back to the "pen" to lock up.  They fit naturally together pretty well, with the sour Tommy and the disorientated Jerry looking like they could well be from a scene in one of the pictures above.

This German prisoner can also be used with the recent release from Rado Miniatures of the pair of Razvedchik Scouts we previewed a week ago...

Behind enemy lines - Soviet Razvedchiki w/ WSS tanker POW, 1944-45
Three high-quality resin figures in 1/35th scale.
Recon troops are the eyes and ears of each army. They conclude deep intel operations in the rear of enemy armies, run bold sabotage raids and gather all the information that is crucial for every army’s strategical movements. Whenever needed they fight along with regular infantry units. This time the offensive is at full swing, and during a deep intel mission the troopers managed to capture an unlucky Waffen SS tanker, that, once interrogated, can be a source of valuable info…
These new figures are all now for sale in Rado Miniatures online shop  (where there is a 20% off offer on right now!) and in good modelling shops around the globe.