Tuesday, December 11

Revell's December novelties are all here in our new item preview...

Revell Germany has several releases for this month are in a few scales and genres - Two German modern airforce aircraft, a couple of hot bikes, a new livery on a jumbo and a baby Porche are here in our December preview...

New models for December from Revell Germany...

EC135 Heeresflieger/ Germ. Army Aviation
Scale: 1:32nd
Product number: 04982
Age : 13+
Number of parts: 260 Length: 390 mm
29,99 € 
Product Link on the Revell Website
A model construction kit of the proven EC135 which is mainly used for training the up and coming helicopter pilots of the Bundeswehr but also serves in aviation units.
Finely structured surfaces
Detailed cockpit with control levers and instrument panel
Detailed Fenestron tail rotor
A detailed high skid landing gear
Authentic decal set for 2 Heeresflieger versions

Porsche 911 Targa 4S (Beginner's Model)
Scale: 1:20
Product number: 00822
29,99 € 
Product Link on the Revell Website
In the Targa version, the Porsche 911 combines the very best of a convertible and a coupé. If the sun is shining down from the sky you can simply take the Targa roof off and enjoy open-top driving in what is probably the best sports car of our time. With the roof closed the Targa is in no way inferior to the coupé in terms of its design and dynamics. A genuine Porsche feeling comes into the children's room with the authentic engine sound and illuminated headlights.
- Easy to assemble (kids model) with little effort due to the screw together system
- Authentic engine sound and flashing lights
- Removable Targa roof
- Opening bonnet

- Many interior details
- Robust construction
- Can be disassembled
- Stickers enclosed for decoration
- Batteries included (3 x LR41)

Honda CBX 400 F
Scale: 1:12
Product number: 07939
Number of parts: 106 Length: 168 mm Width: 94 mm Height: 71 mm
59,99 € 
Product Link on the Revell Website
A challenging construction kit of this newly developed machine that offered improved performance and hydraulically damped telescopic forks. It was launched in 1981.
- Detailed four-cylinder engine
- Moving front wheel forks
- Many chrome parts including wheel rims and exhaust pipe.
- Authentic decal set

Boeing 747-8 Lufthansa "New Livery"
Scale: 1:144
Product number: 03891
Number of parts: 172 Length: 525 mm Wingspan: 476 mm
29,99 €
Product Link on the Revell Website
A replica model of the Boeing 747-8. The successor to the 747-400 impresses with its innovation, advanced technology and efficiency. In 2018 the Jumbo was the first aircraft to carry the new Lufthansa design livery.

- Replica cockpit
- Detailed undercarriage bays
- Detailed under-carriage
- Detailed engines
- Rotatable front fans
- Display stand
- Super decal set with the new Lufthansa livery

BMW R75/5
Scale: 1:8
Product number: 07938
Number of parts: 137 Length: 256 mm
59,99 €
Product Link on the Revell Website
An ambitious model construction kit of the successful BMW motorcycle that was completely redeveloped at the end of the 1960s. With the 180 km/h (112 mph) fast R 75/5, BMW entered the arena of large-volume engines.

- The first model developed by Revell Germany
- Detailed two cylinder engine
- Rotating wheels
- A diversity of chrome parts including wheel rims and exhaust pipe
- Authentic decal set

C-160 Transall "Eloka"
Scale: 1:72
Product number: 03916
Number of parts: 264 Length: 450 mm Height: 150 mm Wingspan: 555 mm
39,99 €
Product Link on the Revell Website
A model construction kit of the C-160 Transall that can be built in either the ESS version of the German Air Force or the French Air Force NG version. The German C-160's have for many years been deployed primarily to resupply troops in Afghanistan.
Chaff dispenser
ESS pod on the wings
Sensor array
Refuelling probe for the NG version
Detailed cockpit with 4 seats
Interior cladding with conduits
Bench seating and carrying racks
Detailed rear loading ramp
Detailed main undercarriage
Rotatable propellers

These new models are now available to purchase at the links above from the Revell Website...