Sunday, December 30

Trumpeter adds their Military Models to the 2019/ 2020 Catalogue...

To add to our earlier post of the 2019/20 aircraft & naval vessel kits Trumpeter has released their latest list of new kits for the model military fans for next year. see what you knew about and what is new in our catalogue preview...

Trumpeter’s Military Model Catalogue & new items of 2019/ 2020

Trumpeter's Aircraft & Naval releases for 2019/20

So here they are - the new items from Trumpeter for next year - along with what you might already own or have seen in the shops, they have their newest items with a lovely red and gold "NEW" label next to them so you can easily pick them out - check this lot out to see if your hopes have been dashed again this year­čśÇ

We will have more parts of this catalogue over the next few days - To see more about these new kits and all of Trumpeter's other releases then go to their website to see what's "crackin" in 2017/18