Tuesday, January 22

Preview: Meng's new World War toon tank, the German Heavy Tank VK45.01 "Tiger P"

Meng Models and Studio Roqovan are teaming up again to create another vehicle in the "World War Toons" series - this time an ever so cute version of the prototype that never got to serve - the Tiger P VK45.01 is in our preview...

Meng's new World War toon tank...

German Heavy Tank Tiger P VK45.01
From Meng Models
"Toon Scale"
Kit No# WWT015
New tooled kit
Product Link on the Meng Website
It seems that Meng is adding to their range of "World War Toons" kits with another favourite - this time a prototype that never developed into a tank - it became a tank destroyer -t he VK 45.01 (P) or "Tiger P"
The VK.4501(P) was the heavy tank proposed by Porsche to counter the shock appearance of the T-34 and KV tanks on the Eastern Front. The potency of the 88mm Flak against these two foes made it an automatic selection to be used as the main armament of the next generation heavy tank, but ultimately, some design flaws in the Porsche prototype saw it lose out to the Henschel design, which would ultimately become the fearsome Tiger tank. This wasn’t the end of the VK.4501(P) though, as Ferdinand Porsche decided to put his design into production expecting it to win the competition, but after this failed, the hulls were converted to the Ferdinand/Elefant tank destroyer. 

The new WWT Tiger P kit from Meng:
Among the tanks that ever showed up in battlefields, the rare number and high popularity of the Tiger (P) has made it a special one. Only one Tiger (P) tank joined the combats in the Eastern Front. However, it became famous thanks to the design by Dr. Porsche and its relationship with Tiger I.
The MENG WWT-015 Germany Heavy Tank Tiger (P) is the latest World War Toons product presented by MENG and Studio Roqovan. This kit continues the features of this series, like cute shape and snap-fit assembly.

This kit will soon be available from Meng's Distributors in the next month or so...