Thursday, January 10

Revell's January 2019 novelties are all here in our new item preview...

Revell Germany has four releases for this month - notably two new modern aircraft in 32nd scale, a very nice looking classic Porsche and also a vintage Thunderbird - See them all in our January 2019 preview...

New models for January from Revell Germany...

F/A-18E Super Hornet
Scale: 1:32
Product number: 04994
Age: 13+
79,99 €
A model replica of the F/A-18E. The F/A-18E Super Hornet is the most modern fighter aircraft of the US Navy and replaces the F-14. Since 2002 it flies successful combat missions, e.g. during Operation "Enduring Freedom" and in Iraq. Through the use of JDAM and "laser-controlled bombs", it can attack enemy targets much more precisely and also has an extensive arsenal of guided weapons. 
- Detailed surface finish 
- Cockpit with instrument panel 
- Detailed ejection seat 
- Movable rear stabilizers 
- Detailed Fuselage
- 6 wing pylons and fuselage pylons 
- GBU-31 pod 
- Mk83 bombs 
- 2 GBU-12 Bombs 
- 2 AIM-9X guided weapons 
- 2 AIM-120C guided weapons 
- One Centerline tank 
- 2 wing tanks 
- Detailed boarding ladder 
- Super decal with 2 US Navy versions

Porsche 356 Cabriolet
Scale: 1:16
Product number: 07043
Age: 12+
Number of parts: 174 Length: 252 mm Width: 109 mm Height: 84 mm
79,99 €
A model construction kit of the first sports car to bear the Porsche name. The running design number 356 served as the type designation. The first 356 rolled onto the road on 8 June 1948. In manufacture since 1964, the elegant type C represented the last of the series. The 1600 C produced 75 bhp and achieved a top speed of 175 km/h.
- Multi-part body
- Opening doors and bonnet
- Multi-part engine
- Rotatable wheels
- Various chromed parts, including hubcaps, door handles and mirrors
- Comprehensive decal set

C-54D Thunderbirds Platinum Edition
Scale: 1:72
Product number: 03920
Age: 13+
Number of parts: 356 Length: 401 mm Height: 120 mm Wingspan: 497 mm
79,99 €
A model construction kit of the C-54 Skymaster in the Thunderbirds livery. The legendary Thunderbirds are the aerobatic display team of the USAF. They had their own transport aircraft in order to transport the ground crew and spare parts.
- The kit includes photo-etched parts supplied by Eduard for the cockpit, the engines and the undercarriage
- Detailed cockpit
- Radio shack including radio's
- Interior seating
- Separate flap's
- Nose-gear
- Separate ailerons
- Detailed main undercarriage
- Rotatable propeller's
- Detailed tandem radial engines
- Super decal for the transport aircraft of the Thunderbirds

Westland Lynx Mk. 8
Scale: 1:32
Product number: 04981
Age: 14+
Number of parts: 289 Length: 412 mm Wingspan: 401 mm
39,99 €
The Lynx is a multi-purpose combat helicopter from the British aircraft manufacturer Westland. In the Royal Navy, it is used as an onboard combat helicopter to attack surface and underwater vessels. In the Mk.8 variant, the Lynx received system upgrades and a significantly improved power train.
These new models are now available to purchase at the links above from the Revell Website...