Tuesday, February 12

At the printers, the soon to be released & updated "The Modern Viper Guide - 2nd Edition" from Reid Air Publications...

The people from Reid Air Publications have surprised us with their announcement of an upgraded, second volume of their great book on the F-16 Fighting Falcon "The Modern Viper Guide", we have some info on what is new, also the news that the book is now available to pre-order. Read on Viper lovers...

At the printers, the soon to be released & updated "The Modern Viper Guide - 2nd Edition" from Reid Air Publications...

"The Modern Viper Guide - 2nd Edition"
by: Jake Melampy
Languages: English
Pictures: Colour
Pages: 240
1,340 full-colour images.
Format: Softcover landscape (10.9 x 8.3 x 0.5 inches)
RRP: $39.95 from their online shop
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When the folks from Reid air Publications revise and update their books it is usually well and truly worth it. The Modern Viper Guide, 2nd Edition is the latest book to be brought up to the present day and we are told (and we can see) that it is looking pretty good.
This is an expanded reprint of the initial Modern Viper Guide which has been sold out for several years. Due to nearly daily requests for a reprint, Reid Publications thought it was about time to get this 2nd Edition out. 
Featuring an astonishing 1,340 full-color images within a massive 240 pages, the publisher thinks that this book is going to be the most thorough of ANY reference book ever released on the F-16. 
Not only does it feature EVERY F-16 Block from the earliest Block 25 up to the latest Block 52+, it also covers jets from the USAF and export nations. 
Greece? check. Turkey? check. Iraq? check. Morocco? check. Singapore? check. QF-16s? check. And on and on and on and on........

This should be in my hands in about 40 days (so by the end of March). Retail will be $41.95.

You can get your copy of this book at Reid Air Publications in March 2019. You can also check it out on their Facebook page for more on their other titles as well.