Tuesday, February 26

The third 35th scale "Hawk" from KittyHawk on the way in a coat of many colours...

Now that Kittyhawk are releasing the third of their "Blackhawk" family - this time the Naval version - SH-60F "Ocean Hawk" ("Sea Hawk") we have some photos of the many colourful choices of aircraft in this release in our preview...

The third 35th scale "Hawk" from KittyHawk on the way in a coat of many colours...

SH-60F Ocean Hawk
From Kittyhawk Models
Kit No # KH50007
1/35th scale
The Sikorsky S-70 Sea Hawk / SH-60F Ocean Hawk in real life...
The US Navy also acquired another version of the S-70B for close-in carrier group antisubmarine warfare, with this variant designated the "SH-60F Ocean Hawk". The Ocean Hawk deleted the RAST gear, which wasn't required since the SH-60F operated off carrier decks, and replaced the LAMPS III suite with a much less elaborate offensive avionics suite, centred around a Bendix AN/AQS-13F dipping sonar. Radar, ESM, and the datalink were deleted. The sonobuoy array was deleted, but there was a sonobuoy tube in the floor of the cabin, and a rack was included for of eight sonobuoys that could be dropped manually through the tube.
The SH-60F also had a wider left stores pylon, allowing the helicopter to carry a total of three Mark 50 homing torpedoes, or two torpedoes and an external fuel tank. The SH-60F had a sling hook to allow it to perform vertrep duties.
Although very similar to the SH-60B variant which used to operate from escorts ships, the Foxtrot used a dipping sonar instead of sonobuoys and were used for 2 additional important tasks, logistic supports and plane guard. 
As "Plane guards", SH-60F's are the responsible for quickly recover any aircrew that ditch or crash in the water during the carrier flight operations. There is always a helo flying nearby whenever an aircraft is about to land or taking off. For this role, the SH-60F used to carry an extra 105-gallon cabin fuel tank located behind the left pilot seat and forward of TSO console in order to allow them to complete two fixed-wing cycles like the SH-3H did.

The SH-70F's were recently replaced by the MH-60S Knight Hawk. In their last years of service, they were re-roled to the land-based rescue, VIP duties or transferred to the Coast Guard. 

This new kit from Kittyhawk:
It seems that Kittyhawk are doing what everyone wants them too with the new Naval version of the Sikorsky "Blackhawk" family  - the SH-60F "Ocean Hawk" in 1/35th scale.

SH-60F Ocean Hawk
From Kittyhawk Models
Kit No # KH50007
1/35th scale
Kittyhawk Website
The kit itself is still in progress, but interestingly there are already six schemes in a variety of colours to excite helo makers. We have some pictures of the aircraft depicted in the schemes for those of you that are interested...

The schemes in the box:
HSL-43 "Battle Cats"

#162339 from Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron (Light) 43 (HELANTISUBRONLIGHT 43) HSL-43 ‘Battle Cats’
The Tiger eyes on the rear tail are a feature of these markings...

HSL-45 "Wolf Pack"

Below you see two pictures of this particular aircraft, the first of "610" passing by the camera...

The second picture captures the HS-14 sailors as they prepare Sikorsky SH-60F "610" Seahawk for takeoff from the flight deck of the aircraft carrier USS Kitty Hawk (CV-63) on 30 May 2008.

HSL-51 "Warlords"

Home ported in Naval Air Facility Atsugi, Japan (hence the artwork on the tail), the "Warlords" provide combat-ready armed anti-surface and anti-submarine helicopter detachments to ships deploying in the Korean, Western Pacific and the Persian Gulf regions, as well as Executive Transport for Commander, U.S. Seventh Fleet home ported in Yokosuka, Japan. They have recently successfully transitioned from the old SH-60B & SH-60F helicopters to the new and improved MH-60R.

 "02" is captured here as flown by CDR M.J.Mc Clusky - callsign "Shark"

HSL-41 "Sea Hawks"

SH-60 HSL-41 # 162329 is the flagship of HSL-41 Seahawks based at NAS North Island, Ca. This variant has a very nice high-viz colour scheme applied to the tail.
Some nice colours applied to the bossbird of HSM-41 'Seahawks'. This unit recently changed its designator from HSL-41 to HSM-41, this heli also changed its code from TS-00 to TS-04 at that time as seen below (not sure if this is included in the markings or not).


LAMPS is the acronym for Light Airborne Multipurpose System. The SH-60B helicopter is configured specifically in response to the LAMPS requirement of the U.S. Navy. The LAMPS MK III system has been designed to the Navy's sea control mission. In fulfilling the mission, LAMPS MK III will encounter a threat that has many dimensions. The threat encompasses a hostile submarine fleet and missile-equipped surface ships. The system extends the search and attack capabilities of LAMPS MK III configured destroyer, frigate, and cruiser platforms, deploying helicopters directly from these ships.
The primary missions of the LAMPS MK III are those of ASUW and ASW. Aircraft prior to BUNO 162349 is capable of antiship surveillance and targeting (ASST) and ASW roles only. Effective with BUNO 162349 and subsequent, LAMPS MK III are equipped to employ the Mk 2 Mod 7 Penguin missile. LAMPS MK III equipped with the missile can be used in the additional role of ASUW attack.

Spanish Navy

Under the Foreign Military Sales contract for refurbishment of four ex-US Navy SH-60F Seahawks for the Spanish Navy. These will be delivered by 2021 and used in the transport role as SH-3G replacements

This kit will be available in the first half of the year if it is planned to follow the two previous '60's from Kittyhawk into "service". Check on the Kittyhawk Facebook Page to see more about their kits...