Sunday, March 31

Colours, box art and finally sprues for Trumpeter's April releases in our preview...

I don't know, this month Trumpeter has taken aaagess to send along sprue shots with their April new kits. The large modern Russian KZKT-7428 Transporter with KZKT-9101 Semi-Trailer and BMP-1AM Basurmanin are the subjects - see a little what they are made of in our Trumpeter April new item preview...

Trumpeter's Sprues, colours and art for April...

Russian KZKT-7428 Transporter with KZKT-9101 Semi-Trailer 
Kit Number #01039
1/35th Scale
The KZKT-7428 Rusich prime mover is designed to haul semi-trailers with heavy loads up to a maximum weight of 70 t, both on road and rugged terrain. It entered service with the Soviet Army in 1981 and replaced in production the previous MAZ-537. Currently the Rusich JSC (formerly Kurgan Plant of Wheeled Trucks) is the only Russian producer of heavy wheeled vehicles. The KZKT-7428 series vehicles are also commercially available and are used in oil and gas industry.
Cab of this tank transporter provides accommodation for 5 passengers. The rear seats can be transformed to sleeping benches for two men.
The Russian prime mover is powered by the YaMZ-8401.10-14 turbocharged diesel engine developing 650 hp. Engine is located behind the cab. The KZKT-7428 has considerable cross-country capability. Vehicle can operate in any climatic conditions in temperature ranges from -50 to +50°C.
Kit Length: 695mm, Width: 95mm 
Total Parts: 700+
Total Sprues: 15 sprues and tires 
Full drive train assembly complete with engine transmission, differential housing and suspension units.
The main tires are hollow rubber with very good tread pattern 
The windshield and side windows are made of clear parts.
Photo-Etched Parts included

BMP-1AM Basurmanin 
Model# 09572
1/35th scale
BMP-1AM Basurmanin is an upgraded version of BMP-1 developed by The Uralvagonzavod (UVZ). BMP-1AM is BMP-1 with the original turret replaced by the turret from BTR-80A with 2A72 30 mm autocannon, a Kalashnikov PKTM 7.62 mm medium machinegun, and smoke grenade launchers 902V Tucha. 
The turret will be fitted with the TKN-4GA combined day-night sighting system. The 2A72 cannon will be able to use airburst munitions. Approved in 2018, it is the most recent Russian BMP-1 upgrade. The Russian army plans to upgrade all of their BMP-1s and BMP-1Ps to BMP-1AM level.
Kit Length: 191mm   Width: 90mm 
14 sprues, upper hull, lower hull and tracks    
The kit consists of over 570 parts
Multi-slide moulded  upper hull and lower hull
180 individual tracks links
Photo-etched parts included

These two new kits should be available from your LHS or Trumpeter's Distributors this month...