Thursday, March 14

Four new "Bodi's" in three releases this month in 35th scale from Hungary

The Bodi has three new releases in 1/35th scale to add to their range this month. A pair of singing Italians, a German Panther commander in winter and  Hungarian soldier filling up at the front are the three we will be looking at in our new figure preview...

Four bodies in three packages from the Bodi

Heil Puccini! 
1/35th scale! 
Sculpted by Hélder Agostinho
Boxart example painted by Olivér Kovács & Fabrizio Marini
price: 24.00 €
O sole mio!!! or any other Italian song, operetta or tune these two choritstas feel like belting out makes for an interesting pair of figures. You could also use these soldiers in "sing"ular form - maybe signing up to the window of a sweetheart? Sold as a pair in one set, these two were sculpted by Hélder Agostinho and in this boxart example painted by Olivér Kovács & Fabrizio Marini.

German Panther Commander WW II
1/35th scale
Boxart example painted by Jaume Ortiz
price: 12.50 €
This German tanker could well be suited to the raft of Panther releases in the last year - or any other late war German tanks. He is seen here perched upon the deck of his tank looking down at the scene below.
We say late war German because of his reversible anorak and pants. Thick boots, I am not sure what kind as they are topped with fur that looks like it lines them to keep, with the thick mittens he is wearing this soldier warm on the Eastern front.

Hungarian soldier with Jerrycan WW II
1/35th scale
Boxart example painted by Juan Antonio Pérez Marchante
price: 12.50 €
The Hungarian soldier is seen on his way back with some petrol for either his tank or AFV. The man's "bodi" language (pardon the pun) shows his right arm carrying the Jerry can and his left high counterbalancing the weight of the can while he walks forward.
The soldier is seen with what looks like the breaches of a cavalry soldier or AFV man, his soft cloth cap and his leather vest suggest this also. He is painted up rather nicely in this instance by Juan Antonio Pérez Marchante who has given him a period moustache and dark features.
These new figures are all available now from The Bodi Website...