Tuesday, March 26

Preview: Abrams Squad Issue #29 from Pla Publishing

The latest issue of Abrams Squad is with us - just released in the shops and full of high-quality modern warfare subjects, we thought we would give you a run-down of what's inside in our preview...

A new Abrams Squad magazine ready to fire...

Abrams Squad Issue #29
Softcover, A4 Portrait format
72 Pages
Available in English or in Spanish Languages
10,00 €
The Abrams Squad Magazine is already  twenty=nine issues old and the new models featuring the AFV's of Modern Warfare keep coming. Five new models from some of the masters of the craft are shown here along with the latest in ern modelling news and mod
Issue  #29's Contents:
4.- Commander's Display Unit - a few pages keeping you up to date with the latest news and reviews with the modern warfare scale releases
10.- RTS: Husky TSV MENG - a walk around feature of this new AFV that is being used extensively in modern conflicts around the world will no doubt help modellers.
22.- “PUMA, The new Bundeswehr wild cat” by the talented Zhendong Li who takes this powerful German AFV and replicates the look and feel by using the Rye Feild model and ET Model accessories.
32.- PUMA References by Walter Böhn - more pictures of the real thing in-theatre to really show you how to finish your own kit more realistically.

36.- “T-72, Putin on the Ritz” by Paul Webb. We see Pul's amazing T-72 build in Issue #29 featuring an interesting kit and an (almost) insurmountable obstacle.
44.- "Nagmachon" by regular contributor Michal Dostál shows how to make the Tiger Model kit come alive with Voyager, Legegen and Fruilmodel extras. The result is a detailed model as dirty and heavily loaded as we see the real machines in-theatre.
54.- In a scene straight from real-life, the Ugandan T-55 AM is replicated by Kreangkrai Paojinda who uses the very nice takom kit to replicate a scene in Uganda in 2012...
66.- Profile: not Chad the guy - but in-theatre in Chad, Africa in a collection of photos and an article by Glen Phelan
72.- Turret Basket -  showing us what is coming up int he next Abrams Squad magazine...

Issue #29 of the Abrams Squad is available from the Abrams Squad Bookstore now...