Friday, April 12

Preview: MiniArt's new Ukrainian BMR-1 w/KMT-9 in 35th scale

MiniArt's new Ukrainian BMR-1 w/KMT-9 in 35th scale looks pretty impressive - and it tops off their range of mine-clearing and workhorse AFV range quite nicely - we have boxart, sprue layouts, a feature set in CAD and colours of the variants (including the real vehicles) in the box in our new item preview...

MiniArt presents the new Ukrainian BMR-1 w/KMT-9 in 
1/35th scale

Ukrainian BMR-1 w/KMT-9
1/35th scale
Product No #37043
Box size: 386x240x80
We have news from Miniart showing an all-new version of the Ukrainian BMR-1 w/KMT-9
1/35th scale - think about the weathering possibilities guys/ gals!!
Ukrainian BMR-1 w/KMT-9:
The Soviet-designed  BMR-1 Late Modification was derived from the hull of the Su-122 tank destroyer. The Recovery vehicle that was designed was teamed up with a KMT-7 mine roller/ clearance vehicle and used by many countries from the Soviet bloc in the '70s, Modern conflicts in the Caucasus republics, Mine clearing operations in Lebanon and the civil war in modern Ukraine to present day. Ukraine is one of the most mine-affected countries in the world, limiting freedom of movement and posing a serious threat to civilians crossing the contact line so these machines are used a lot in that country.

Three of the four variants are picked from the conflict in Ukraine today - while a fourth is from Lebanon under UN guises from the 2000-2009 time period.

Decals sheet for 4 variants notice that the kit includes a cheeky mine warning sign? Nice!
A UN Version used in Lebanon from 2000 - 2009
A very recently captured tank in the 2019 conflict in Ukraine

From 2015 this example in the Artemovsk region Anti-Terrorism zone
From a similar timezone and operation - also in Ukraine in 2015
To give you a little more of a look of what the kit looks like Miniart has supplied a CAD built up view of the kit including the full interior. 

A bunch of graphics showing the full feature set of this model kit...

Photo-etched parts included
Clear parts are included for periscopes and lights
Here we have the sprues of the kit - some are in multiples, like the tracks and suspension but you can see the general breakdown in these pictures...
For more on this #37043 kit as it comes to light check out the product link on the MiniArt Website