Monday, April 8

"We need 1000!" Modelcollect's new 35th scale Spanish BMR 600 PP M1 kit needs your help...

Modelcollect has an interesting proposition, 1000 modellers need to sign up to this kit before they make it - want to know more about the BMR-600 kit and how you can possibly take part? Read our preview...

A new kit that just may be made from Modelcollect - all they need is 1000 pre-orders...

Spanish BMR 600 PP M1
Manufacturer: Modelcollect
Availability: 1442 in stock
Kit No#  UA35200
Price: $49.99 (Pledge of $45USD)
Modelcollect has an interesting proposition, 1000 modellers need to sign up to this kit before they make it - want to know more about the BMR-600?

The BMR-600 (Blindado Medio de Ruedas) is a six-wheeled light armoured vehicle manufactured in Spain under French license. To 1972 the Spanish Army fixed the tactical and technical requirements for a wheeled armoured vehicle for the transport and movement of a squad of infantry to and in the zone battle. 
Designed by the Commission of Development of Armored Vehicles, the Army, and the Direction of Projects of ENASA, the prototype the Pegaso BMR-600 was evaluated over four years and entered production in 1979, with versions for personnel, mortar carriers of 81 and 120 mm, recovery-repair and ambulance. 
On the other hand, the Army made those of transmissions of the Mount Olympus system and combat engineers BMR-VCZ. The BMR has been exported to Saudi Arabia and Egypt and employed effectively in a real situation as much by the Saudi forces during the campaign of Kuwait of 1991 and by the Spanish troops in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Albania. The BMR-600 is in service in Spain, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Peru.
The Spanish Army is modernizing it with a new motor, additional plates of armour, and a system of bacteriological and chemical defence. On 29 May 1994 the program of modernization of 646 units was approved, jointly executed by Santa Barbara Armor and the Park and Center of Maintenance of System Cover with armour (PCMSA. The updates also include a new system of fuel supply, adjustable height steering, fire-fighting and anti-explosion system.
The kit:
Modelcollect has a new design of this Spanish BMR 600 PP M1 Armoured Car that has already been featured in CAD and boxart form. There are no answers to the kit in what colour schemes will be featured or many parts of the kit's features - whether it will have an interior or not we are not yet sure of.

 1/35 BMR CAD 3D design - this is constantly being worked on over the next few months before release...
There are three months of development before the kit is to be released, and the designers need 1000 models to be pre-ordered and paid for before Modelcollect will make the kit - It sounds like a Ponzi-scheme, but the company has agreed to refund any orders made if the  500 orders are not met.
- Pre-orders have started, and the period to get your order in is from April 6th to July 6th.
- If before May 6th, Modelcollect so not get 450 orders, they will cancel the project and refund anyone who paid their pre-order.

- If the goal is reached Modelcollect will finish the mould design in 45 days, Before Aug 21st;

- The public will see the first test shot in 2 months, before Oct 21th;
- If 1000 orders are placed the kit will ship out before Dec 21st - just in time for Christmas!

You can see more about this project on the Modelcollect Website.