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Canfora's new "Broken Wings" book - available now at a special pre-order price

This second in Canfora's Aircraft Pictorial Series features large-format photographs and text showing just some of the downed aircraft that fell into German hands during WWII. Most allied types - the French, British, Soviet, Polish, Dutch, Belgian and Yugoslav aircraft are all on show in this new book. See more about this book and how to order it at a special pre-order discount in our preview...

"Broken Wings" from Canfora Publishing preview 

Broken Wings 
Aircraft Pictorial Series #2
by Tom Laemlein
From Canfora Publishing
A4 Landscape format
Hardcover Bound
250 photos and 176 pages
Pre-order price: €27.36 €23.25
(The book ships in late May.)
Canfora offer Free EU shipping over 150€ also Max EU shipping 10€
Weight 800 g
Dimensions: 280 × 210 × 10 mm
Canfora Publishing's second volume in the Aircraft Pictorial series presents nearly 250 photos and 176 pages of Allied aircraft that fell into the hands of advancing German forces in the early years of World War Two. 
The photos provide an opportunity to study the machines in detail and are ideal as a reference and pure inspiration for aircraft and diorama modellers alike.
Photos of French, British and Soviet aircraft are lavishly depicted but the book also includes Polish, Dutch, Belgian and Yugoslav machines.
The book is in A4 landscape format, bound in a hardcover, with 250 photos on 176 pages of Allied aircraft with detailed captions of each image to explain the context of the images you see before you.
About the author
From his secret base in North America, buried under a mountain of historical photographs, Tom Laemlein has been redefining the concept of the military history "photo study" for the past 15 years. Leveraging his massive photo library, Tom has a knack for publishing images that expose the details of the weapons and battles of the 20th Century, much to the delight of a global audience of historians. This book is the second in a series that Tom has been developing for Canfora Publishing.
There's More Coming from Canfora Publishing...
Broken Wings will soon be followed by re-prints of Tom's previous Grounded Eagles #1 & #2 as well as a brand new volume 3 on German aircraft. Setting Suns on Japanese aircraft will also be re-printed under Canfora's new series label and on top of that a volume on a variety of Allied aircraft that were lost during the early stages of World War Two.

Canfora are also offering both this book and the first in the series "Fallen Stars" as a combo at a reduced price at this link

You can order this new book or the combo offer from the Canfora Publishing Website
Pre-order price: €27.36 €23.25
(The book ships in late May.)
Canfora offer Free EU shipping over 150€ also Max EU shipping 10€