Friday, May 17

Hasegawa's July new & Limited Edition kits - Hasegawa's looking forward (let's hope)

Hasegawa always has a bunch of kits coming out every month, some we have already seen, and some are a little "samey" but we try to pick out the best of what is on the way to show you - we found some interesting bits in July items are in our preview...

Hasegawa's July New & Limited Edition kits...

1/72nd scale
part number #65849 
price:4200 yen
length: 261.1 mm model 
width: 192.8 mm
A kit with added new mould parts for the "E" type of electronic warfare aircraft in the Macross Delta 

-The Rotodome is a part that has been deployed above the aircraft. 
-Mobile deployment is possible. 
-The Sprues are moulded in white. 
-Hideaki Tenjin illustrated the package illustration.
Additional plastic parts:
Rotodome & E-shaped head

Decal choice: Chaos Ragna Branch 3rd Battle Wing Delta Team Affiliation Chuck Mustang Boarding Aircraft “Δ03”

1/24th scale
part number: #HC32
price: 3200 yen
length: 157mm 
model width: 73mm
The third-generation Starlet "EP71" was a full model change to the Starlet in 1984, designed as a new-generation compact car that  provided sporty performance and nimble handling with the added power in 1986 of a "turbo" model.
The kit
reproduces the turbo S late type (1988 model) that appeared with the catch phrase of "dry turbo" with a completely new mould based on thorough vehicle coverage. The body colour is white and the headlights are silver plated parts. Comes with a painted seal of the window.
Decal: Body "turbo" markings

Set of two Egg Scale aircraft
Product number: #60517
price:2600 yen
Tama World is back! Hasegawa have made a set with a comic hick and comical base, "Tamago World" is revived with 2 sets & with new box art.
Kit Features
Base Kit: EW1 + EW2 - Not regular item in 2019
Model Sizes: Zero Fighter - L : 104 mm x W : 135 mm 
Fw190 - L : 105 mm x W : 135 mm

"Egg Scale" 2 KITS IN 1 BOX
Product Code: #HA60518
Hasegawa made a set with a comic hick and comical base,   "Tamago World" revives with 2 sets & new illustration package.
Kit Features
Base Kit: TH27 and TH13 - Regular item in 2019 and diorama base parts of EW4 & EW6
Model Sizes:  (F-2) L : 85 mm x W : 82 mm 
(T-4) L : 84.5 mm x W : 77 mm
Markings: F-2A : J.A.S.D.F. 3rd AW 3rd SQ Code: 505 (03-8505) Misawa A.B. 
T-4 : J.A.S.D.F. Blue Impulse

Fashion Model Girls Figures

2 girls in the one box (sounds like a video I watched on YouTube once)
Scale: 1: 24th
part number: FC04 
Price: 900 yen 
model height ... 73 mm
A two figure kit of cutting-edge fashion models to place in your diorama of car models . 
Atsushi Shibamura's high quality moulding is present in this release. Witht he need for more people to fill your 1/24th scale diorama it would be hard to pass these two up - or even leave them behind!

Jet Beetle w / Akiko Corps Figure ULTRA
1: 72nd scale
part number: #SP418
price: 4300 yen
length: 253 mm 
model width: 183 mm
A limited kit consisting of a main combat attack aircraft "Jet Beetle" owned by the defense organization "Science Tokusatsu" appearing in "Ultraman" combined with a 1/24th scale resin figure of the Red One point "Fuji Akiko member" of the special task force. 
Atsushi Shibamura is in charge of the figure's prototype.
Resin parts: 1/24 Fuji Akiko member
Decal: Scientific Search Team

A-10 Thunderbolt II “UAV”

1/72nd scale
part number: 02307
Price: 3600 yen
Length: 225mm 
Wingspan: 242mm
A theoretical drone version of the A-10 Warthog to represent a future unmanned attack aircraft.
Resin parts: Glazed cockpit cover
Decals: The 52nd fighter squadron 
"Panthers" belonging to the 52nd fighter squadron " European Air Force " in Europe "SP964: 81-0964" (what-if? theoretical marking choice)

Little Mechatro Mate No. 02 “Black & Momo”

The box contains 2 figures in one kit
Part number: CW17
price : 1600 yen
height ... 41 mm
width ... 31 mm
"Mechatro Mate" by the model model parent of "Mechatro Wego " and "Mechatro Chunk" / Mr. Kazufumi Kobayashi appeared in the plastic model of 2 body set!
No adhesive required for assembly. 
The part colour is scheduled for white,  and a mix of black and white. 
Each joint can move and pose. 
Sitting pose is also possible by replacing parts.

Yanmar combine YH6115

1: 35th scale
part number ... ... WM07
price ... 3000 yen
length ... 137.5 mm
width ... 69.5 mm
Hasegawa brings us the latest technology from Japan's food industry, the YANMAR Combine YH6115!

This type of combine is produced specifically for rice farming, and the latest model by Yanmar has been turned into a kit by Hasegawa, with completely new moulding based on thorough coverage of the vehicle.
The parts come moulded in red, white, clear, and black, and once completed, you can open and close the driver seat door, raise and lower the mowing section, and move the grain discharge auger as well! A driver figure is also included if you prefer to add a dash of realism to your kit. 
The parts are easy to assembly, and the separate colour moulding means it looks great even without paint (though paint is recommended for a more realistic touch).
When completed, this kit will measure about 137.5mm long and 69.5mm wide. The picture below is of the prototype of the driver of the machine.


1/72nd scale
Part number: 65850
price: 4600 yen
length ... 261.1 mm
width ... 192.8 mm
Fighter-only form fixed model. It features series accurate aircraft-like precision that incorporates scale model technology. 
Decal choice: Kaname - Buccaneer colour
 Closed and open cockpit canopy is provided
 although the kit is only in the aircraft form a stand is included for the model

All of these kits should be available at your local hobby shop this month. To see more on these kits or distributors closer to you take a look at the Hasegawa Website